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  1. Master Yi strikes twice on every fourth consecutive basic attack, with the second strike dealing reduced damage. If Master Yi leaves combat, the counter on Double Strike resets.

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  2. Master Yi is a difficult champion to outduel. Between his ability to outplay enemies with Alpha Strike, reduce incoming damage with Meditate, deal true damage with Wuju Style, and the bonus attack speed and immunity to slows gained by Highlander, Master Yi is a force to be reckoned with in 1x1 situations.

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  4. Master Yi - after his Q, Yi reappears in front of the target based on the way they last moved (in general this is the way their model is facing, but there is an exception for Lucian's ult, for example). I also believe (but don't have a video to confirm) that if Yi's target dies before the alpha strike ends (e.g., if a friend killed the target ...

  5. I've said before that anybody can play Yi and do well depending on your ELO. The better you get / the higher you are, the more you need to master his skill set. Everybody knows about the Alpha dodging and some can use it "well enough" but not many people talk about Meditate usage (besides me). This is one of the best montage videos I've ever seen:

  6. Master Yi actually takes a lot more thought and strategy because of the lack of versatility in his kit. Master yi isn't designed to run around and right click things to death because then he just gets stunned and killed instantly. People don't recognize the fact that his entry into fights has to be precise and well organize for him to be ...

  7. To everyone saying that Master Yi is OP, and to anyone wondering if that's true-. User Info: localizedfreedo. localizedfreedo 8 years ago #1. 80/80. But, on topic. You're bad if you think he's overpowered. He's not. CC still kills him. 100-0 burst still handles him. I played against a 25-5 Yi and 1v1'd him with a 7-0 zed and 100-0'd him with ...

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