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  1. The Fusion Dance (フュージョン. , Fyūjon), is a technique that is introduced by Goku after learning it from Metamorans in the Other World. His son, Goten, fuses with Trunks in order to create Gotenks. The purpose of the Fusion is to temporarily merge two or more bodies into a single, superior entity.

  2. Supplemental, Part-Time Options at Fusion Academy. Fusion welcomes students who have a primary school but are seeking premium one-to-one classes, tutoring, or academic support. Fusion students can also supplement their learning with these options beyond their full-time program.

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  4. Tuition at Fusion Academy. Every Fusion student’s education is personalized, which makes tuition unique for each student. We customize pricing based on each student’s education plan. Whether your child needs a new full-time school, supplemental classes for credit, or tutoring, we’re ready to build a program to meet their educational goals.

  5. Jul 10, 2018 · “With literacy, you have to think, create and then share information,” she says. “When children are in a dance class they are thinking about what do and where go and what the teacher says. “They are also creating. Often the last 10 minutes of the class is about experimenting and dancing by themselves.

  6. Feb 20, 2012 · DANCE ACADEMY is a striking departure from the glitzy teen-centered shows that have infiltrated the market for the American audience. These Aussie teens don't carry Prada bags and wear 3-inch heels to high school, where they do more gossiping or primping than studying.

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  7. 有機・オーガニック. 日本製·綿100% エレガントモダンリーフデザインカバーリング lifea 掛け布団カバー リフィー 掛け布団カバー 掛け布団カバー リフィー クイーン:ショップハナテックスキンケア. アンチエイジング.

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