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  1. Bella Higginbotham Age, Wiki, Height, Instagram, Parents, Net ...

    Dec 30, 2020 · Bella Higgenbotham (Bella Higgenbotham) is a famous American actress in the television series "Mighty Ducks", and she has played her place in this series more than 10 times. She also started her career in 2014 with "The Good Book", playing the role of Ruth's daughter, and has since won top 5 awards for her IMDB profile.

  2. Bella swan | Twilight Fanfiction Wiki | Fandom

    Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan (later Bella Cullen, born to Charlie and Renée Swan (nee Higginbotham, formerly Dwyer) (due to Bella's transformation into a vampire) on September 13, 1987) is the protagonist of the Twilight series. In the first book, Twilight, she is a 17-year-old girl who falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. In the last novel of the series, Breaking Dawn, she marries ...

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  4. Bella Swan (Laura Clarke Ver) | The Twilight Fanon Wiki | Fandom

    Isabella "Bella" Marie Cullen (née Swan), was born to Charlie Swan and Renée Dwyer on September 13, 1987, and is the main protagonist of the Twilight Saga. In Twilight, she is a 17-year-old girl who transfers schools from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her father Charlie, where she meets and falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. Who she later married and was turned ...

  5. Linda Higginbotham (R), 61 - Kennesaw, GA Background Report ...

    Summary: Linda Higginbotham is 61 years old today because Linda's birthday is on 11/10/1958. Before moving to Linda's current city of Kennesaw, GA, Linda lived in East Amherst NY and Buffalo NY. In the past, Linda has also been known as Linda Bitikofer, Linda Higginboham, Linda R Higginbotham, L B Higginbotham and Linda R H Higginbotham.

    • Kennesaw, GA
  6. The Chief (Jacob Black/OC)

    Mar 05, 2019 · Bella owned an old, beat up Chevy truck that ran like a monster, and was probably the thing that started global warming in the first place because it sucked gas. It was old enough to fit the timeline too. She shoved herself into the front seat, buckling up. Bella started her beast up, buckling into the seat as well.

  7. Wayne Hanson (Dean), 74 - Bella Vista, AR Background Report ...

    Summary: Wayne Hanson is 74 years old today because Wayne's birthday is on 07/17/1946. Before moving to Wayne's current city of Bella Vista, AR, Wayne lived in Enid OK and Winfield KS. Other names that Wayne uses includes Wayne D Hanson, Wayne D Hanson, Wayne W Hanson and Wayne Dean Hanson.

  8. If You Should Let Ghosts Die Chapter 6: Things Could Never Be ...

    Bella made a move to shove past the lady, but a hand clamped over her wrist in such a tight grip that she could not move another inch. Damn, she didn't expect that. "My name is Helen Swan. I know you're Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Renée Higginbotham and Charles Swan. Your father—"

  9. Teresa Higginbotham (Lynn), 63 - Balch Springs, TX Has Court ...

    Summary: Teresa Higginbotham was born on 05/08/1957 and is 63 years old. Previous to Teresa's current city of Balch Springs, TX, Teresa Higginbotham lived in Mesquite TX. In the past, Teresa has also been known as Teresa Tores, Teresa Higgenbotham, Teresa Torres, Teresa L Higginbotham and Teresa Lynn Higginboth

  10. Renesmee Cullen | The Twilight Fanon Wiki | Fandom
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    "Her name is Renesmee. Like Renée and Esme put together."

    Renesmee is a very beautiful young woman; more beautiful than her aunt Rosalie. She has inherited both of her parents exceptional looks, mostly taking after her mother, as well as inheriting her chocolate brown eyes from her human days. However, she has also inherited medium brown hair, portrayed as waves that fall past her chest. She has fair skin, which has a blush to it because her heart pumps blood (though it beats faster than a normal human heart). Her skin is as tough as a vampire's, but her temperature seems to be unusually warm, only a few degrees below that of a werewolf. Unlike her family's skin, Renesmee's skin glows slightly in the sunshine like back-lit alabaster rather than sparkling like diamonds. Due to the blood flowing in her veins and her heart beating, she has rosy cheeks.

    During her childhood, Renesmee has been a very quiet child, preferring to stay close to family members and not expressing the desire to live a normal life. During her preteen years, Renesmee has changed drastically, becoming more open and more outgoing. She has changed her point of view of life and has started desiring to see the world and learn more about it. Renesmee is an outspoken woman, who isn’t afraid of being who she truly is. She is a strong believer that words and actions can change lives. She supports various Anti-Bullying campaigns. Renesmee likes to read books and listen to music, something she shares with her parents. She likes to play the piano and perform songs. Just like her peers, she enjoys going out with friends, using social media apps and traveling. Renesmee shows tolerance to everyone in her surroundings, despite their different background stories and interests. During her teen years, she has found out that she is pansexual. She is very supportive of the LGBTQ...

    Renesmee can survive on either human food or blood. She doesn't like human food much and will rarely eat it. She doesn't mind drinking animal blood in order to conform to the Olympic Coven lifestyle and due to her love of humans. However, like most vampires, she prefers human blood and sees the donated blood that Bella drank while pregnant as an acceptable compromise. Given the difficulties involved in acquiring enough donated blood and in order to encourage Renesmee to drink animal blood, Jacob Black would start a friendly hunting competition between them for the biggest prey, which keeps Renesmee motivated.

    Traits of species

    Renesmee, often called "Nessie" for short, is a vampire-human hybrid. Similar to Alice's inability to see the future of werewolves, because she was never one herself, she also cannot see Renesmee. This is something that annoys her as much as the fact she can't see the wolves. She is immensely beautiful, and her body temperature is slightly higher than a human. Renesmee has a rapidly beating heart and veins filled with her own blood. Her hardened skin glows faintly rather than sparkles like di...

    Rapid growth

    As a baby, Renesmee grows at an outstanding rate; this information caused great worry to the Cullens as they were unable to tell her future, most of them worried that she would have short living years. This worry comes to an end when Nahuel, another vampire-human hybrid, arrives in Forks and explains about his and his half-sisters' experience on the matter. It is implied that Renesmee's growth will slow down until it ceases at the age of seven, making her look like a seventeen or so year-old...

    Powers and abilities

    Being half-vampire, she displays the same supernatural senses and capabilities of vampires. As a three month old, she can already leap 15 ft into the air. According to Edward, her skin is seemingly just about as impenetrable, but no one has yet tested this idea. She is born with sharp teeth that allow her to bite through skin and drink blood, but is not venomous.

    Renesmee is the biological daughter of Bella Cullen (née Swan) and Edward Cullen, as well as biological granddaughter of Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen and step-granddaughter of Phil Dwyer and great granddaughter of Marie Higgenbotham, and Geoffrey and Helen Swan. She is also the adoptive granddaughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, adoptive niece to Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and Alice and Emmett Cullen. Renesmee is also the imprintee of Jacob Black . At the moment they’re dating, but it is unknown what will happen to them in the future.

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