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  1. Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California, US, to William Prescott Frost, Jr. and his wife, Isabelle Moodie. His father, a journalist, was the descendant of an English immigrant, while his mother was a Scottish immigrant. Robert had a younger sister, Jeanie. His father died of tuberculosis when Robert was 11 ...

  2. Audio. On this day in 1963, Robert Frost died, the most popular and renowned American poet of the twentieth century. But his success was a long time in coming. It was as a student at Lawrence High School that he discovered he had a gift and a passion for poetry. His first published poem appeared in the school newspaper in 1890.

  3. Robert Frost was an American poet. He is known for his verses about everyday life in the countryside of New England.

  4. Jun 14, 2020 · This one-of-a-kind baby was then named Robert Frost. He was born on March 26 th, 1974. His middle name was Lee. When he was a little boy, he seemed to like words and texts. He admires the art of verbal and written human communication. His interest in literature began to grow big after age 15.

  5. He also started gambling and drinking, habits which left his family in dire financial straits when he died in 1885 after contracting tuberculosis. Honouring his last wishes to be buried in Lawrence, Massachusetts where he was born, Isabelle, Robert and his sister Jeanie Florence (1876-1929) made the long train journey across the country to the ...

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    Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, the USA in 1874. When Robert was 10 years old, his father died and the family moved to Massachusetts in New England. At the age of 14, he is said to have sold his first poem! In 1892, he left school and worked in a mill, then taught at a school, became a reporter and an editor of a weekly.

  7. Perhaps from its rises and valleys a picture would emerge. Robert Frost was born in 1875 in San Francisco, 3000 miles away from the New England he writes about in most of his poetry. Frost’s family, however, was ninth generation New England, and when his father died, Frost’s mother moved with her son back to Lawrence, Massachusetts, to live ...

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