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  1. intelligent adjective uk / ɪnˈtel.ɪ.dʒ ə nt / us / ɪnˈtel.ə.dʒ ə nt / B1 showing intelligence, or able to learn and understand things easily: He is a highly intelligent person who can think outside the box. She would like a partner with whom she can have an intelligent conversation. Helen had a few intelligent things to say on the subject.

  2. 2. : able to learn and understand things. intelligent beings. Dogs are intelligent animals. They are looking for signs of intelligent life [=creatures that can learn and understand things] on other planets. 3. : having an ability to deal with problems or situations that resembles or suggests the ability of an intelligent person.

  3. adj. 1. having good understanding or a high mental capacity; quick to comprehend. 2. displaying quickness of understanding, sound thought, or good judgment: an intelligent reply. 3. having the faculty of reasoning and understanding; possessing intelligence: intelligent beings on other planets.

  4. Jun 22, 2022 · Different types of intelligence Scientists view intelligence as a person’s ability to learn from experience to adapt to, shape, or choose their environment. Various IQ tests and scales are used to...

  5. Jan 5, 2022 · Intelligence refers to the mechanical and inherent ability someone has to learn. It refers to the swiftness and ease that someone displays when learning new concepts. One of the most common methods of testing and measuring intelligence is an IQ test. An IQ test measures a large range of different cognitive abilities.

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