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  1. intelligent: 1 adj having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree “is there intelligent life in the universe?” “an intelligent question” Synonyms: smart showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness agile , nimble mentally quick apt , clever mentally quick and resourceful brainy , brilliant , smart as a ...

  2. Intelligent design is a thinly veiled version of creationism put forth by those who don't accept the theory of evolution. ⓘ Esta oración no es una traducción de la original. El creacionismo clásico niega la teoría de la evolución biológica.

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    Jan 17, 2023 · intelligent ( comparative more intelligent or intelligenter, superlative most intelligent or intelligentest ) Of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright . Well thought-out, well considered . The engineer had a very intelligent design proposal for the new car. The general devised an intelligent strategy for the southern campaign.

  4. Intelligent Blends is a privately held, sustainable manufacturer of single-serve and bagged beverages, including coffees and teas, based in Southern California. The company offers co-packing and ...

  5. Responsible for assisting in the visual merchandising presentation and product’s life cycle across all ecommerce channels, as well as ensuring an exceptional customer shopping experience as a result of online merchandising and product information strategy. I’m proud to be part of the Intelligent Blends team and the ever-growing coffee industry!

  6. 4275 Executive Square, 200, La Jolla, CA 92037 - Confirmed Open. Health & Safety. 4.4 ( 33 ) Intelligent Office of San Diego is your professional location for meeting space on an hourly or daily basis, perfect for your client meetings, interviews, seminars, sales presentations and workshops. Rent our meeting rooms by the hour or by the day.

  7. Intelligent Solutions 4918 N Harbor Dr Suite 202 San Diego, CA 92106. Phone: 619.566.7805 Fax: 619.693.5202. Name * First Last. Email * Phone. Message

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