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  1. Especially more so in StarCraft, every concept you learn must be applied so you build an inner instinct that allows you to switch to that certain action or response without much thought. A game of StarCraft moves incredibly fast and many times so many of thought process becomes a natural response. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  2. Press Ctrl+F1 to select all workers and send them to minerals and build a worker or vice versa. Set your worker rally point to an empty patch of minerals. After the 1st comes out, set the rally point to the last empty patch. Once that next worker is out, I set the rally point to the middle patch and leave it be.

    • Get resources! Always be building a worker. Most players don't keep up enough on workers. You need 24 workers on minerals and six on gas to max-out a base.
    • Spend your resources! You should almost always have very little resources "in the bank." This isn't real life where more money in the bank earns you interest.
    • Play challenges, practice against the AI! The challenge missions included in Wings of Liberty will teach you hotkeys, how to handle a rush and give you the basics of some of the game's counters.
    • Have more than one plan! Don't decide what you are going to do when a match starts; decide what you are going to try to do but be prepared to change your plan if the enemy does something unexpected.
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  4. Oct 23, 2015 · Modders have ported over the entirety of the original StarCraft campaign, and Brood War, into StarCraft 2. You'll need the Heart of the Swarm expansion, though if you're interested enough to go ...

  5. Apr 18, 2017 · To get the original, at no charge and with no strings, use these download links (these begin the download immediately): Windows version Mac version (Keep in mind that freebies tend to melt the...

  6. Just download them and you’re good to go. With CF, installing SC mods is just as easy as discovering and downloading them - so you’re completely covered. One of the things that all StarCraft have in common is that they’re all 100% free. So you can try out whichever ones you like and see which create the game experience that’s best for you.

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