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  1. A game of StarCraft moves incredibly fast and many times so many of thought process becomes a natural response. Form is temporary, class is permanent. A player who has achieved certain level of understanding in the game, they can return after many years of hiatus and adopt to top form in a small time frame.

    • Learn All The Units
    • Watch Lots of Videos
    • Memorize A Few Basic Build Orders
    • Spend All Your Money
    • Use Hotkeys
    • Scout, Scout, Scout
    • Expand While You Attack
    • Watch Your Replays
    • Finally, Stay Calm

    This might seem obvious, but it’s not. Even if you’ve dabbled in StarCraft II, you might not be familiar with all of the new units and upgrades that Blizzard has added over the past eight years. If you stopped playing in 2014, don’t get caught off guard by a Viper or Disruptor. If you took a break in 2016, don’t try to load a sieged Siege Tank into...

    The best way to learn how to play StarCraft II is to watch other people play it. You can learn a lot from pro matches, although the nomenclature for professional tournaments can be confusing. Team Liquid is a great site for keeping up with this stuff, thanks to their weekly roundup of news and matches. For starters, try this Team Liquid threadround...

    At the beginning of every StarCraft II match, you’ll have some key goals. You’ll want to get your economy started, you’ll want to build the foundations of your army, and you’ll want to expand to the resource patch right outside of your main base (this is called your natural). To do all this efficiently, follow a specific build order. A typical Terr...

    This might be the most important thing you can do in StarCraft II. If you are spending all of your money, the chances of you winning are significantly higher. If you’ve got more than 1,000 minerals in your bank, you’re doing something wrong (unless your army is already maxed out). I was recently playing a Terran vs. Terran match against someone who...

    In order to ensure you’re spending all your money, you’ll need to produce units without having to waste time zooming back and forth between your army and your base. The solution is a magical tool called the hotkey. Pressing CTRL and a number will assign any selected unit or building to that number. Pressing SHIFT and a number will ADD any unit or b...

    The next step in your quest for StarCraft IIdecency is learning what your opponent is doing. By this point you know how to counter units, so now it’s important to understand which of those units are coming, and when they’re going to show up. A single cloaked Banshee can decimate your entire base before you know it’s there, unless you had an observe...

    Here’s a good rule of thumb that I’ve picked up over the years: The best time to make third and fourth expansions is while you’re sending out an army. Your opponent will be too busy scrambling and defending, and won’t even think to harass your new bases, which gives you time to set up your economy and a few defense structures. Don’t be afraid to lo...

    StarCraft IIis nice enough to let you go back and watch any match you’ve played, and you should really take up that offer. The best way to get decent at the game is to identify and eliminate your weaknesses, and the best way to do that is to watch your own games, even if it is painful to realize you accidentally left a siege tank sitting at the bot...

    I recently played a match as Protoss against a particularly aggressive Terran player who caught me off guard with a big army of Marines just as I was getting up my second base. Instead of freaking out as he took out a bunch of my workers, I turtled up and calmly started making an army, setting up a chokepoint with Stalkers so he couldn’t get into m...

  2. by REInvestor My beginner guide to improving at Starcraft 2. So I see the same questions asked by beginners over and over again, so I thought it’d be nice to compile the common beginner tips into one thread that they could be referred to. If you’re new to SC2, this guide should help you improve your game and win more.

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    • Get resources! Always be building a worker. Most players don't keep up enough on workers. You need 24 workers on minerals and six on gas to max-out a base.
    • Spend your resources! You should almost always have very little resources "in the bank." This isn't real life where more money in the bank earns you interest.
    • Play challenges, practice against the AI! The challenge missions included in Wings of Liberty will teach you hotkeys, how to handle a rush and give you the basics of some of the game's counters.
    • Have more than one plan! Don't decide what you are going to do when a match starts; decide what you are going to try to do but be prepared to change your plan if the enemy does something unexpected.
  4. Feb 25, 2023 · 5 Resources 6 References This article is a compilation of sources on how to become a better StarCraft player. It tries to aggregate these sources into a shorter and more comprehensive article on how to improve your game-play. For this we divide game-play into three parts:

  5. This guide will give you a lot of general information to get you started on your path to being a better player. With that I will leave you with 4 things that you should focus on. 1. Practice, practice, practice and don't worry about losing. Only through losing can you improve. 2.

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