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    • How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business

      • How To Create A Wikipedia Page – Get Started With Your Account Having an account with Wikipedia isn’t mandatory. ...
      • Build The Reputation With Wikipedia Wikipedia pays a lot of importance to reputation. ...
      • How To Create A Page On Wikipedia – Research On Your Topic In Wikipedia Wikipedia is pretty strict on its plagiarism rules. ... To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your,on its plagiarism rules. ... More items...
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  2. Wikipedia:Drafts - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · WP:Autoconfirmed rights are required for moving drafts to article mainspace page but you may request a page move at Wikipedia:Requested moves. If there is a technical barrier to the move such as when the creation of an article may be protected, seek an Admin's assistance.

  3. Wikipedia:Requested articles - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Wikipedia:Articles for creation - allows unregistered and new users to create new articles with the assistance of experienced Wikipedians. Wikipedia:Requests for expansion/Archive , Category:Articles to be expanded and Category:Stubs lists very short preliminary articles that have not yet been developed.

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  4. Wiki - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · A wiki invites all users—not just experts—to edit any page or to create new pages within the wiki Web site, using only a standard "plain-vanilla" Web browser without any extra add-ons. Wiki promotes meaningful topic associations between different pages by making page link creation intuitively easy and showing whether an intended target page ...

  5. Wikipedia:Disambiguation - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Wikipedia article traffic statistics (for the exact title of a page or a redirect) and redirect traffic statistics (for the total views of a page including traffic coming from its redirects). Usage in English reliable sources demonstrated with Google Ngram viewer , Books , Scholar , News , and Trends .

  6. Manual:FAQ - MediaWiki
    • The Basics
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Moving
    • Changing The Interface
    • Basic Usage
    • Wiki Importing
    • Customising Further
    • Why...?
    • Anti-Spam
    • Where Now?

    What are the differences between MediaWiki, Wikimedia, Wikipedia and wiki?

    This is a common question; please see Differences between Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wikifor a detailed answer.

    I want to use a MediaWiki instance to (blank). Am I allowed to?

    MediaWiki is free software: this means that you may use it for any purpose without legal hindrance. Furthermore, its licensing conditions apply solely to the software itself.This means that although many wikis license their content under a permissive license, you are not obliged to license the content submitted to your wiki in any particular way. Of course, as a project founded to support sites like Wikipedia, we encourage you to license the texts you write under a free license, but, in short...

    Where do I download MediaWiki?

    Click here to download the latest stable release of MediaWiki. Files are supplied in a .tar.gz archive. MediaWiki can also be obtained directly from our Gitrepository.

    How to install MediaWiki?

    Installing MediaWiki takes around 10 to 30 minutes, and involves uploading/copying files, and running the installer script to configure the software. See Manual:Installation guide, where you will also find the minimum system requirements.

    How do I install MediaWiki using a package?

    Many Linux distributions provide MediaWiki in a packaged format for that distribution. The MediaWiki development team refers you to your Linux distribution for assistance with installing, configuring or using them. The individual communities and companies who maintain such packages should provide installation instructions. Be warned that third-party distributions may be older versions, so pay close attention to compatibility information for directions and extensions. 1. See also: Software bun...

    Is it possible to move my wiki to a different machine?

    Yes. It should be. In essence, you will be backing up your old installation and then "restoring" it onto the new machine. Finally, you will have to make additional modifications to update the wiki configuration so that everything points to the new location.

    How do I move my wiki to a different server?

    Follow the instructions at Manual:Moving a wiki.

    How do I change the logo?

    The logo that appears in the top left of each page is determined by the $wgLogo configuration line in the LocalSettings.phpfile. There are two ways to change the logo: 1. Upload a picture to your wiki using the normal file uploading interface. This allows the logo to be replaced easily, so you may want to protect the page if you use this method. 1.1. Then add the $wgLogo line to LocalSettings.php, for example: 1.2. $wgLogo = "{$wgUploadPath}/6/62/mylogo.png"; 2. Upload an image to your server...

    How do I edit the wiki's CSS?

    You shouldn't edit the CSS files (such as common.less) directly, because it will make upgrading harder if you need to apply your customizations each time you upgrade the software. Instead you need to edit a wiki page called MediaWiki:Common.css if you want to apply your CSS changes for all skins, or a wiki page called MediaWiki:Vector.cssif you want to apply the customizations only for the Vector skin. The content of the MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Vector.css pages always overrides the...

    How do I hide the left vertical navigation toolbar?

    In other words, how do you make the main content div take up 100% of the display, hiding the logo, toolbox, navigation and search engine? To hide it permanently, copy and paste the following into the MediaWiki:Common.csspage: To instead hide the toolbar when the user presses F11, enter this in your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js:

    How do I edit a page?

    To edit a page, simply click the edit link that appears on each page. Using the default Vector skin, this is in the form of a tab at the top of the page. A form will appear, containing the existing markup. When you have finished making modifications, click the Savebutton to commit your changes. 1. See also: Help:Editing pages

    How do I create a new page?

    There are several ways to create a new page: 1. Create a link to the page on another page, then click on the red link which appears 2. Browse to the intended location of the page, e.g. and click on the "Edit", "Create" or "Create source" link. On some wikis, a failed search for a page will contain a link which allows you to edit that page. 1. See also: Help:Starting a new page

    How do I delete an old version of a page?

    Old versions of page data are retained in the database and can be accessed via the page history features. This is useful for reviewing changes and correcting or reverting undesirable ones, but in some cases, administrators might want to make this information unavailable, for legal reasons, or to reduce the size of the database. 1. Administrators can delete an old revision of a page by deleting the page, and then selectively undeleting revisions to be kept 2. For newer MediaWikis (1.14+), you...

    Importing from MediaWiki XML dumps

    1. See: Manual:Importing XML dumps

    Importing from other types of wiki software

    There is some documentation about importing in the UPGRADE file distributed with MediaWiki. To follow on from those, this is how at least one individual imported pages from usemod to MediaWiki: Because MediaWiki does not automatically link to CamelCasestyle links, you will need to add brackets [[ ]] to all your links. You can do this with the following: First, obtain ImportStage1.txt (or whatever you want to call it) from the importUseModWiki.php script ( use > to pipe the output to a file )...

    Importing from other types of files

    There are a variety of tools available to help convert content from HTML (and other formats) to MediaWiki markup. Developer and SysAdmin tools 1. HTML::WikiConverter::MediaWiki- a Perl module for converting from HTML to MediaWiki markup. 2. Wikificator- a JavaScript MediaWiki extension that converts XHTML to MediaWiki markup. 3. The Edit.php and importImages.php maintenance scriptscan be used to import text and images into MediaWiki. End-user tools 1. wikEd- a text editor for MediaWiki that c...

    I want to have multiple wikis, but only require registration once

    1. If you're starting from scratch or you're switching from one wiki to multiple, you can use $wgSharedDB and $wgSharedTables to have all wikis share the user table of the "main" wiki. You can share other tables as well, as long as they don't contain any data dependent on non-shared tables or data specific to one wiki. See Manual:Shared databasefor examples and more information. 2. If your wikis are already established and you want to switch to a single sign-on, you can use the CentralAuthext...

    How can I allow use of HTML tags?

    See Manual:$wgRawHtml as well as Manual:$wgGroupPermissions and Manual:Preventing access. See Extension:Secure HTML and Extension:HTMLetsfor ways to make this safer.

    How do I fix problems or add features to MediaWiki?

    The basic steps to improving MediaWiki (that is, becoming a MediaWiki developer) are: 1. Install Git 2. Download the Git "clone" of the MediaWiki source code 3. Get a server, a database, and PHP running on your computer (this can be annoying, so please ask for help if something isn't working) 4. Get MediaWiki running on your computer off that Git checkout (can be annoying as well, so, ditto) 5. Fix the problem or add the feature you were thinking of 1. Edit the source code of the relevant fil...

    …is the Help namespace empty?

    The Help namespace currently ships in a blank state. It's up to you how much or how little help you give to your site visitors and whether this relates to other aspects of your site. Obviously you can easily link your visitors to help resources elsewhere. We don't currently have a clean, internationalised set of help pages under a free license. However, if you want to copy in some help information onto your site, about how to use a wiki (a MediaWiki powered wiki) you are free to copy the Help...

    …are some of my images not showing up after an upgrade?

    Several users have reported that, following an upgrade or a moving of their wiki, several images fail to be shown inline. The files exist, and the image description pages show a MIME type of unknowncode>/unknownand, in some cases, a warning about potentially dangerous files. To fix this, run the maintenance/rebuildImages.phpscript from the command line. This will set MIME information for each file in the database. Recent versions of MediaWiki implement responsive images.Due to a bug, if the s...

    …are all PNG files not being turned into thumbnails?

    After upgrading to a more recent version of PHP, it is possible a different MimeMagic.php function is being used to detect file MIME types, particularly the built-in PHP function mime_content_type, which fails to detect PNG files. Search the web for mime_content_type pngfor information on fixing this bug at the PHP level, possibly by editing your magic.mime file. See herefor more info.

    Where do I get the spam blacklist from and how do I install it?

    The spam blacklist extension can be found in Git, just like all other officially supported extensions. For installation and configuration instructions, consult the README file and Extension:SpamBlacklistover here.

    How do I use $wgSpamRegex to block more than one string?

    $wgSpamRegexis a powerful filter for page content.Adding multiple items to the regex, however, can be awkward. Consider this snippet: This example code allows convenient addition of additional items to the regex without fiddling about each time. It also demonstrates two popular filters, which block some of the most common spam attacks. 1. See also: Extension:SpamRegex

    Are there additional ways to fight spam?

    See Manual:Combating spamfor an overview of anti-spam measures such as Captcha, content filtering and restricting edition.

    I've found a bug or have a feature request. Where do I post it?

    Bugs and feature requests should be posted on Phabricator. See How to report a bug.

    I'm getting a strange error. What now?

    1. See if it is covered by Manual:Errors and Symptoms 2. Try to find out more about the problem, see Manual:How to debug 3. See the section below for information on how to contact developersand other knowledgable users.

    I tried that but it didn't work

    1. I had a problem, I came to this page and it told me how to fix it. But it didn't work, the problem is still there!!!! Nine times out of ten this is because you didn't clear your cache. The simple test for this is to request a page that hasn't been requested before. Select the part of the URL in the address bar that contains the page title (e.g. Main_Page). Twiddle your fingers on the keyboard for a while, hit enter. Check if the problem is on that page too. MediaWiki uses both a server-sid...

  7. Blog - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users who did not have much experience with HTML or computer programming .

  8. Synchbot - Meta

    5 days ago · Synchbot is a bot which makes an automated change to a specific page title on all matching wikis. It's been run by Pathoschild since 2008. The bot uses the global deleter and global editinterface permissions, and runs under a web of permissions, exceptions, and special cases negotiated with local communities.

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