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    How do I prepare a living will?

    How to write your own living will?

    How to set up a living will?

    How to fill out a living will?

    • Complete the Living Will Questionnaire. Fill out our simple questionnaire. A LegalZoom Living Will is a comprehensive legal document that is personalized based on your questionnaire answers.
    • We Review Your Answers. Our team reviews your questionnaire answers for spelling, consistency, and completeness, and then our LegalZip® software generates your personalized living will.
    • Final Wrap-Up of Your Living Will Package. If you have chosen a LegalZoom Living Will Basic Package, we will send it to you within four business days.
    • Complete the Living Will Questionnaire Fill out our simple questionnaire. A LegalZoom Living Will is a comprehensive...
    • Determine Whether To Use an Attorney. This initial decision sets the stage for the rest of the creation of the...
    • Ensure Adherence to State Requirements. Every state has different requirements that must be followed to make...
    • Fill Out the Living Will With Preferred Treatment Options and Power of Attorney.
  2. How Do You Create a Living Will? Download an online template and complete it Use an official living will template of the state where you live Pay an attorney to write a living will for you Use DoNotPay to have the document generated in a few minutes and skip the grunt work

  3. A living will helps to memorialize your wishes to avoid confusion. Artificial Nutrition/Hydration – A body receiving artificial food or water through intravenous means, feeding tube, or GI tract can remain alive for a prolonged period of time, even well after brain death has occurred in the patient. If your desire is to be allowed to pass ...

    • Choose an Executor. The executor, or personal representative, is the person who will be in charge of handling your estate. This should be someone you trust and who is responsible and organized—administering an estate involves a lot of paperwork.
    • Make Records of Your Property, Including Debt. A will can cover any real and personal property of the testator, so make a comprehensive list to work from while you decide who gets what.
    • Choose Your Beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are the people who will inherit your real and personal property according to your will. You should also name alternate beneficiaries in case your primary beneficiaries pass away before you.
    • Consider What Will Happen to Your Children. When a parent passes away, the other parent usually gets custody of the minor children, but if the other parent has passed away or lacks capacity then it's important to nominate someone to step in.
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