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    How do you get a Lotto in Philippines?

    What are the odds of winning the Philippines Lotto?

    How to become a PCSO lotto agent in the Philippines?

    How old do you have to be to be a Lotto agent in the Philippines?

  2. How To Start a PCSO Lotto Franchise in the Philippines › 2018 › 05

    Instead, in order to make the most revenue out of your lotto outlet – we recommend selecting a great busy location with high foot-traffic. That’s the real secret…:-) And for those who just want to win the Lotto, here’s an interesting video about “How to pick a winning Lottery Ticket”:

  3. How to Become a PCSO Lotto Agent in the Philippines › how-to-become-pcso-lotto-agent-philippines

    You should generate a consistently high volume of sales to increase the amount of commissions you earn every month. Fast forward seven years later and I still believe becoming a PCSO Lotto Agent in the Philippines is a viable business idea. I rarely come across a lotto outlet without long queues.

    • Pick random numbers (“lucky pick”). Cheat sheets don’t exist in the lottery. Anyone who says you can hack the system is most likely a charlatan trying to sell you a book.
    • Or pick your own numbers (“standard pick”). Whereas mathematicians believe lotteries operate on random selection, Richard Lustig thinks otherwise. The winner of a staggering seven lottery grand prizes in the US, Lustig shares that picking your own numbers and using them over and over again gives you an edge over other lotto players.
    • Buy more lotto tickets. I said it earlier and I will say it again: No pattern, algorithm, or system can help you win the lotto. Even Richard Lustig’s advice in the previous section is highly questionable.
    • Create and organize a “lottery pool.” While betting on all number combinations with your own money will leave you broke, there’s another more realistic way to pull it off: By pooling together the money from a large group of people.
  4. How to Franchise: PCSO Lotto Outlet in the Philippines ... › how-to-get-a-pcso-lotto

    Lotto agents earn 5% commission per sale. But the PCSO also requires lotto agents to reach a certain sales quota per month in order for the outlet to continue operating. In Metro Manila, the quota is said to be P300,000 to P600,000 every month depending on the location. How to Apply to Become a Lotto Agent

  5. How to Win Philippines Lotto 6/42 - Smart Luck › free-lottery-tips › philippines

    Philippines Lotto 6/42 is a national lottery game that began on March 8, 1995 and still has the same format today, so it has a large lotto results drawing history to use for strategy. To play Philippines Lotto, a player chooses six numbers from 1 to 42. Each play costs twenty pesos (Php20.00).

  6. What To Do If You Win The Lottery - Ready To Be Rich › what-to-do-if-you-win-the

    Nov 17, 2010 · Together with your team, choose a bank where you can deposit your money. Ask about their “private banking services” and have a good grasp of the bank rules and regulations on this. When all is set, then it’s time for you to claim your money.

  7. Online Lottery Philippines - Full Guide for Filipino Players › online-lottery-philippines

    Using your pen, indicate the numbers that you want to play in the selected online lottery Philippines game. Submit and pay for the ticket. Once you have selected and verified the numbers, you need to submit the ticket to the cashier.

  8. Winning Pick 3 Lottery System: How To Win The Philippine ... › 2012 › 10

    In my last post I was addressing Pick 3 lotteries that players in the United and States and Canada invest their time and energy in to attempt to make extra money. Some players were very critical of their State's Pick 3 Lottery claiming that it was the hardest to win.

  9. 8 Important Things to Do If You Win the P1B Lotto Jackpot › lotto-jackpot-philippines
    • Sign Your Winning Ticket. Whoever holds a winning lotto ticket is considered the winner. So as soon as the lotto results are out and you found out you won, write your name and sign at the back of your ticket.
    • Keep Your Lotto Ticket in a Safe Place. Protect your winning lotto ticket at all costs, as the PCSO doesn’t accept damaged winning tickets. The PCSO’s lotto terminal won’t be able to read the bar code on a wrinkled, wet, or torn ticket.
    • Take Your Time Before Claiming Your Prize. Winning the lotto jackpot could put your security at risk. It’s safe to wait until the public hype dies down—at least two to three months—before claiming your prize.
    • Protect Your Identity. Can’t contain your excitement? Think twice before uploading #blessed posts on your social media accounts—lest you’ll be a target of criminals and hoards of relatives and friends asking for balato.
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