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  1. Change the font, color, and size to your liking! any questions? just ask! enjoy! Extra credit: How to change the font style for the whole page Enter the code below in the CSS Box. Adjust to your liking.

  2. Ok it's very simple say your putting it in a comment or something .. if you want to make it bigger put each one you put the words get bigger and to make it bold simply put also to do slanted put to make your words colorful put example: make sure you space the words on that 1 4 small letters

  3. Either show controls for a specific font size or show controls to increase or decrease the font size. Why Although many browsers also support the enlargement of fonts via the View menu and keyboard shortcuts, many people don't know how to use the feature. Having a special control on the page, near the text is a more direct way of doing the same ...

  4. Oct 23, 2008 · How To: Make a heart on MySpace or Facebook How To: View a Myspace page with hidden comments and friends How To: Use a proxy to get on MySpace when at school How To: Save music from MySpace as MP3s How To: Download music from MySpace as an MP3

  5. .nametext {font-size: 24pt;} Making this small change will display a larger font size for your name and help it to stand out. When ever you have made any changes make sure you view your profile to see the results. Remember that MySpace only allows up to 50 characters in the display name. Trying to add more will result in a broken word.

  6. Hi Friends! I accidentally skipped uploading a video last week as I needed to focus on other areas of my life. My last Spacehey video did so well that I deci...

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  7. May 17, 2007 · The problem with using the FONT tag is that you can’t change the background color of the text, so you can’t do anything cool like white text in a black box. With CSS you can do that and a ton more. Just about any HTML tag can include CSS formatting information, but a good technique is to use SPAN for inline changes and DIV for block changes.

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