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  1. Feb 25, 2023 · Go to the web page for which you want to change the font size. Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac). Zoom in by pressing the + key while holding down Ctrl or ⌘ Command. Zoom out by pressing the - key while holding down Ctrl or ⌘ Command. 3 Click ☰. It's in the top-right corner of the window. A drop-down menu will appear. 4 Click Options.

  2. Apr 23, 2022 · To change font size on an iPhone, open Settings > select Display & Brightness > Text Size. Drag slider to the right to increase text size; drag it left to reduce text size. If you need larger text, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, tap Larger Text, and choose from the options.

  3. To change your display in Windows, select Start > Settings > Accessibility > Text size. To make only the text on your screen larger, adjust the slider next to Text size . To make everything larger, including images and apps, select Display , and then choose an option from the drop-down menu next to Scale .

  4. To go to the Accessibility settings on your computer, press the Windows logo key+U or select Start > Settings > Accessibility. Select Text size. Drag the Text size slider to the right to increase the size of the sample text. Once you're happy with the text size, select Apply. Windows scales up the size of all text.

  5. Type on the address bar of the Web browser. Wait for the page to load. Step 2 Once the page has completely loaded, log in to you MySpace account by providing your email address and password on the designated area. Step 3 Locate the text that you want to make bigger. There are two ways to increase the size of your text.

  6. Jan 18, 2022 · Making Text Bigger with Keyboard or Mouse Shortcuts 1 Navigate to the font you want to make bigger. This works in places like File Explorer running Windows 10. 2 Press and hold Ctrl. You'll want to keep this pressed as you move to the next step. 3 Scroll the scroll wheel on your mouse or press + or -.

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