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  1. Definition of find 1 as in to discover to come upon after searching, study, or effort we finally found the information after searching dozens of Internet sites Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance discover locate learn get ascertain determine detect find out rummage descry turn up run down dig out spot dig up nose out scare up seek sight espy

  2. Find your phone. Lost your phone? Try some simple steps, like showing the location or locking the screen, to help you secure it. Sign In to Start. Search. Clear search. Close search. Main menu. Google apps.

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    Sep 2, 2022 · To search for a string with wild cards and regex patterns, you can use the FINDSTR command. If you use /c and /v in the same command line, this command displays a count of the lines that don't contain the specified string. If you specify /c and /n in the same command line, find ignores /n. This command doesn't recognize carriage returns.

  4. Dec 9, 2022 · FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics, seeks to ensure equitable access to reliable diagnosis around the world.

  5. New York State Assembly. Assembly Members. Legislative Info. Public Hearings. Speaker's Press. Assembly Reports. Committees & More. View Member Directory View Member E-mail Listing.

  6. Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials or add photos, virtual flowers and a note to a loved one's memorial. Search or browse cemeteries and grave records for every-day and famous people from around the world.

  7. Jan 12, 2023 · The find() method is an iterative method. It calls a provided callbackFn function once for each element in an array in ascending-index order, until callbackFn returns a truthy value. find() then returns that element and stops iterating through the array. If callbackFn never returns a truthy value, find() returns undefined.

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