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  2. Jul 4, 2022 · With a Keyboard Shortcut If your keyboard has a UK layout, the British pound symbol (£) is located on the number 3 key. To insert the pound sterling symbol on such a keyboard, simply press and hold Shift + 3. With Alt Codes If your keyboard has a US layout, it won’t have a dedicated key for the pound sterling symbol.

  3. Oct 6, 2020 · On a UK Mac keyboard, SHIFT + 3 brings up the £ British Pound sign. I was excited to see that on a US Mac keyboard, it can be done with OPT + 3. That’s super easy to remember! Oh, and while we’re on this subject, the € Euro Symbol can be accessed with ALT + SHIFT + 2. Thank you, Apple! Windows This is way trickier on Windows (huge surprise).

  4. What's the quickest way to write the pound (£) sign on a US Keyboard? Currently I use Alt+0163 but it's not very quick because my laptop doesn't have a number pad so I need to set num lock on. Is there a better/quicker way? The keyboard looks like this: keyboard-shortcuts symbols Share Improve this question Follow edited Sep 7, 2011 at 23:17 sblair

  5. Nov 19, 2020 · Well, if you have US keyboard with the US language input in windows 10 and you're trying to find the £ and you can't. In this video, I will show you 2 differ...

    • Nov 19, 2020
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    • Bhupinder Tube
  6. Feb 11, 2022 · Create your own custom keyboard shortcut If you insert the Pound symbol frequently, you can create your own keyboard shortcut as well. To create a custom Word keyboard shortcut for the Pound symbol: Position the cursor in a Word document. Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon. In the Symbols group, click Symbol. A drop-down menu appears.

  7. 50 20K views 2 years ago Keyboard Problems Solved In this video, I'll show you how to find the £ sign on a USA keyboard with UK input language. Find British pound sign can sometimes...

    • Nov 11, 2020
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    • Bhupinder Tube
  8. Apr 27, 2023 · You can use Shift + 3 to insert the symbol. In US and other keyboard layouts, you can use Shift + Alt + 3 or Shift + Alt + 4 keys to type £. You can hold the alt key and type 163 to make British pound sign £. If 163 does not work, use 0 in the front like alt + 0163. Learn more on how to use alt codes in different devices.

  9. Mar 6, 2022 · £ symbol is easy on a UK keyboard but for other keyboards there’s no specific key for Pound. Pound is used for British Pounds Sterling and also other ‘pound’ currencies like the Egyptian Pound. In the US there’s also the ‘Pound key’ # or Hash symbol that’s above the 3 key on the top row of the US layout keyboard. Pound can look ...

  10. Hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard and type "156" (without the quotation marks) on your numeric keypad. Release the Alt key to insert the pound sign. You can also substitute the numbers "156" with "0163."

  11. Nov 19, 2015 · Answer A. User Replied on November 19, 2015 Report abuse Hello, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community. This issue might occur if the Keyboard layout is set to En (UK) in your account. In En (UK) keyboard layout the @ key and the " key gets interchanged. Change the keyboard layout after login in to your account.

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