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  1. PPT – Hooking the Reader PowerPoint presentation | free to ... › view › 1b818c-MDllZ

    The Hook - The Hook Catchy Composition Clich s The Hook To catch the reader, use a hook in the introductory paragraph. Ask the reader a question. Use a catchy phrase or quote. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view

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    PowerPoint Presentation I Have a Dream OPEN WITH A QUOTATION Examples of Famous Quotes Use Figurative Language to Hook Your Reader PowerPoint Presentation Additional Examples: REMEMBER THE RULE OF 3! Make a Bold Statement PowerPoint Presentation MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT PowerPoint Presentation Open with a Definition As you can see, “hooking the ...

  3. PPT – 7 Steps to Hook a Research Paper Reader PowerPoint ... › view0 › 5fdbe6-OTJlN

    The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "7 Steps to Hook a Research Paper Reader" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with

  4. Writing - How to Engage the Reader PowerPoint | Teaching ... › teaching-resource › writing-how-to

    Writing: How to Engage the Reader PowerPoint. Focus on writing using three strategies to hook the reader, with examples. These three different writing strategies to engage the reader and create a great beginning for a narrative account can be used to help students overcome writer's block, especially when preparing for state writing tests.

  5. PowerPoint Presentation › cms › lib08

    Hook Your Reader. Grab your reader’s attention. with a general statement. about the topic. Remember you have 3 ways to. do this: 1. Dialogue. 2. Vivid Description. 3. Interesting Fact. You want your reader to look like this

  6. Writing Memoir Leads PowerPoint - Hook Your Reader Strategies ... › Product › Writing

    This PowerPoint lesson focuses on writing good beginnings and strategies to hook the reader when writing a personal memoir. Provides students with a variety of leads and professional examples. Eight different writing strategies to engage the reader and create great beginnings for a memoir which will help students get started writing.

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  7. Hook Your Reader Worksheets & Teaching Resources | TpT › Browse › Search:hook

    Writing: Hook Your Reader! Power PointHook your reader with a strong opening!Start with Onomatopoeia, a question, descriptive setting, or by describing the character. My students do so much better with openings when they can see examples of what a good opening looks like. After showing the Power

  8. Hook The Reader Worksheets & Teaching Resources | TpT › Browse › Search:hook

    Writing narrative hooks that engage the reader is a great writing skill. PowerPoint lesson focuses on writing hooks using three strategies to lead into a story and hook the reader, with student and professional examples.

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    Opening Sentence/Hook: Usually the first sentence, get our attention, peak the reader's interest. (A quote, an analogy, a question, etc.) Background information on your topic. Ideas: general specific AKA: Context. Thesis statement: A single statement that explains the main purpose and approach of your essay.

  10. 10 Amazing Lesson Hooks [with Printable Resources] › au › blog
    • Feely Bags and Feely Boxes. One of my all time favorites (that went down exceptionally well during a lesson observation) is the ‘feely’ bag. This is ideal for lower primary and is a ‘rocket launcher’ for outstanding creative writing.
    • Conduct a Survey and Create a Graph. A great way to engage students is to put things into a real-life context and to make it personal. Surveying the class or the school community about age, birthplace and ancestry, is a perfect way to begin a numeracy lesson or a geography investigation into the diversity of people who live in your country.
    • The Museum Walk. Mimic a visit to a museum in your classroom. This lesson hook is a great way to get students to observe, gather facts and to consider questions that are a catalyst for lines of inquiry.
    • Play a Game. Who doesn’t love a good game? Check out our collection of classoom games to muster up enthusiasm and focus on the concept at hand. While it’s ideal to find a game that has a clear link to the theme or concept of your lesson, don’t underestimate the power of playing a game that requires partnerships or collaboration to maximise learning throughout your lesson.
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