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    Use Figurative Language to Hook Your Reader “Time flies when you are having fun!” Begin with a simile – a comparison using “like” or “as” Begin with a metaphor – a comparison stating one thing is another thing Begin with personification - give nonliving objects human characteristics Additional Examples: Tardies have overtaken our schools like a disease.

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    Hook Your Reader. It is important to attract the reader’s attention right from the start . so they want to read the story or paragraph. A “hook” is a one-sentence device . placed at the beginning of astory OR a paragraph. and generates curiosity in the reader. Developed by Caryn Dingman DDES October 2015

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    PowerPoint that teaches students how to make their introductory paragraph catch or "hook" the attention of the reader and make their writing more interesting.

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    Writing: How to Engage the Reader PowerPoint. Focus on writing using three strategies to hook the reader, with examples. These three different writing strategies to engage the reader and create a great beginning for a narrative account can be used to help students overcome writer's block, especially when preparing for state writing tests.

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    Step 1: Grab you readers attention with a general statement about your topic. This is the HOOK. Step 2: Briefly explain. in 2‐5 sentences what the essay will be about by providing relevant background information. Step. 3:

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    Writing: Hook Your Reader! Power PointHook your reader with a strong opening!Start with Onomatopoeia, a question, descriptive setting, or by describing the character. My students do so much better with openings when they can see examples of what a good opening looks like. After showing the Power

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    Hook: Anecdote . An anecdote is a short story that leads the reader into your topic. Ex) Imagine a small child crying at the county fair because they cannot ride the rides the big kids do. Despite their wailing, the parent does not budge. In a similar fashion…

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    Revisiting the hook used to introduce the essay gives the reader the satisfying feeling of having come full circle. THE BEST FOR LAST ENDING… It’s always a good idea to present an essay’s strongest point last.

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    Feb 04, 2013 · The Introduction The purpose of this section is to both prepare and hook the reader. The student is the intended audience. It sets the stage and provides some background information 7.

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    It grabs or “hooks” the reader’s attention by using one or more of the following strategies: An anecdote or scenario A quotation An interesting fact or statistic A question It tells how the writing will be organized. The author’s position is clearly stated in a thesis statement.