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    Joining the Marines involves testing your physical strength, endurance, mental resilience and military fitness. Learn more about how to enlist in the Marines.

  2. One of the initial requirements to join the Marines is the ASVAB test, which determines a recruit's strengths and potential for success in military training. The general requirements ensure that every Marine has the knowledge necessary to serve and protect.

  3. Becoming an Enlisted Marine requires the highest standards of moral, mental, and physical strength. See if you meet the requirements to join the Marines.

  4. Discover how Marine Corps boot camp will challenge you to become a recruit with moral, mental and physical strength. Learn more about the recruit training process.

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  6. Aug 14, 2023 · Joining the U.S. Marine Corps means becoming part of an elite fighting force with a unique mission, focused on rapid response and first-on-the-scene deployments.

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  8. The Marine Corps is a strong brotherhood with a deep history, formed by men and women like you. But none of them simply woke up one day and was a Marine. Should you decide to become a Marine, you ...

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