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  1. Answer (1 of 3): > How can I add my company logo to a Wikipedia page? I'm going to assume that by "a" page you mean one that is specifically about your company, because the logo is almost certainly not relevant anywhere else, and putting the logo places it isn't relevant is going to be against v...

  2. 1 Runaway. 2 Order of rationale / license tag. 3 Anon adding images to articles for which the image lacks a fair use tag. 4 Suggestions for Image:Xbox 360 portal logo.png and Image:Wikiproject Xbox logo.png. 5 Monumental Texts / Texas Landmark Description. 6 inserting images.

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  3. Xiong Chiamiov 23:14, 21 May 2006 (UTC) Insert the text given by Fetofs into the "nickname" box in your preferences (click on "my preferences" at the top of the page), and check the "raw signature" checkbox. Then, whenever you type ~~~~, your new and shiny signature will be displayed. To test it out, use the Sandbox.

  4. Please read up on how we handle non-free images on wikipedia, and if you believe the image is justified, reply with a fair use rationale. Thanks for your consideration. If you have questions on how we use images, feel free to ask as well.

  5. If there is an article in the German Wikipedia and you would like to make a version on the same subject in the English Wikipedia then see Wikipedia:Translation. If there already is an article in both the German and English Wikipedia and you would like to make language links between them then see Help:Interlanguage links.

  6. Jan 09, 2020 · In a nutshell, if you think its an uncontroversial fix, you can move the category page itself using the move tab, just like on Wikipedia. But also like Wikipedia, this just moves the category page and doesn't move the contents of a category. For this you would probably need to use a semi-automated script.

  7. Dec 07, 2021 · Go to your channel list. Click the ‘create a new channel’ button. Fill out the details to name the Brand Account and verify your account. After you click ‘create’ this will then create your Brand Account. <br> Register your website with Google Search Console.

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