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    Steak Taco
    Slices of grilled flank steak are served on tortillas with avocado, pickled onions, lettuce, and cabbage.
    Steak Quesadillas
    Steak quesadillas served with black bean salsa makes for a simple and satisfying Tex-Mex meal.
    Steak Tartare
    Steak Tartare recipes always included vinegar and hard-boiled eggs, but these days they may also include capers and onions, sometimes mustard, pickles, or herbs.
    Steak Brunchallta
    Steak and eggs wrapped in a flour tortillas with peppers, mushrooms and onions. Top it off with a Mimosa and you're in heaven!
    Steak Dinner
    Your traditional steak and potato dinner gets a makeover in this recipe by swapping starchy potatoes for whole-grain brown rice. Be wary of your portion size for steak, it should be about the size of a deck of cards.
    Salisbury Steak
    Salisbury Steak With Ground Beef, Egg, Cracker Crumbs, Onion, Salt, Pepper, Steak Seasoning, Unsalted Butter, Fresh Mushrooms, Medium Onion, All Purpose Flour, Milk, Beef Bouillon Powder, Worcestershire Sauce
    Steak Frites
    Food and Wine
    People throughout France sit down regularly to a meal of deceptive simplicity and universal appeal: steak and french fries. It may seem like the world's easiest dish (after all, it requires only two main ingredients), but the steak must be meaty and juicy, the potatoes buttery and crisp, and both must arrive at the table piping hot. Here's an uptown version of this French bistro classic, featuring Steven Raichlen's favorite cut of beef for steaks—rib eye—anointed with a dollop of creamy Roquefort butter. The French would most likely pan-fry the steaks, but Raichlen prefers the flavor that comes with grilling. The frites get their meltingly soft interior and crisp crust from a two-step frying process: the first at a lower temperature to cook them through, the second at a higher heat to crisp them. Plus: More Grilling Recipes and Tips
    Finger Steaks
    It's simply a strip of steak that is battered and deep fried. Deep fried steak... Just sit there and let that marinate in your brain for a minute. Yeah, they're way good! Serve with french fries (of course) or BBQ sauce for dipping. Enjoy!
    Steak Alfredo
    Very rich fettuccine Alfredo with steak. Super good, if slightly fattening.

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