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  1. Jul 4, 2022 · To type the pound sterling symbol (£) on your iPad or iPhone, tap the 123 button in the lower-left corner of the keyboard, then tap and hold your finger over the dollar ($) symbol. A list of currency symbols will pop up. Without lifting your finger from the touch screen, move it over to the pound sterling symbol and then release it.

    • Insert the Pound symbol using Insert Symbol. To insert the Pound sign or symbol using Insert Symbol in the Ribbon in Word: Position the cursor in the Word document where you want to insert the Pound symbol.
    • Insert the Pound symbol using an Alt code keyboard shortcut. To insert the Pound sign or symbol in a Word document using an Alt code keyboard shortcut
    • Create your own custom keyboard shortcut. If you insert the Pound symbol frequently, you can create your own keyboard shortcut as well. To create a custom Word keyboard shortcut for the Pound symbol
    • Create your own AutoCorrect shortcut. You can also add and use an AutoCorrect shortcut. To add your own AutoCorrect shortcut for the Pound symbol: Position the cursor in a Word document.
  2. May 25, 2023 · If you need to type the British pound sign, here’s how to do it on both a Mac and a Windows PC. Firstly, on a Mac. The easiest way is to use the keyboard shortcut. This is to hold down Shift (Option on US keyboards), while pressing the number 3. On a Windows PC or laptop, you can use exactly the same shortcut.

  3. Mar 18, 2023 · In a Microsoft Word document on a PC, place your cursor where you would like the British pound sign to go. Next, hold the Alt key and type the numbers 0163 on the numeric keypad. Your keyboard may also have a dedicated pound key that you can use. If not, you can also use an alternative keyboard shortcut.

  4. Sep 27, 2021 · Shortcut (windows) Alt+0163. Shortcut (Mac) Option+3. To use the keyboard shortcut, first switch on the Num Lock. Then press Alt+0163 on the numeric keypad to insert the pound symbol into your Word document. Mac users should press Option+3 on the keyboard. With the above table, you can insert the Pound symbol into Word.

  5. I can't manage to have my sterling sign associated with my keyboard command. It's a Portuguese Brazil ABNT2 layout (set to Portuguese (Brazil) language). In Windows, it works easily by using CTRL + ALT + 4, but tried all combinations for Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) and just can't make it work. Difficult situation for a Brazilian accountant in the UK haha

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  7. Apr 24, 2023 · There are multiple ways to insert this sing in Windows based computers: In UK keyboard will have £ sign on number 3 key. You can use Shift + 3 to insert the symbol. In US and other keyboard layouts, you can use Shift + Alt + 3 or Shift + Alt + 4 keys to type £. You can hold the alt key and type 163 to make British pound sign £.

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