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  2. Jul 31, 2019 · Launch Discord Desktop app on your PC. 2. After that, open the chat of any server or of any friend and start typing your message. 3. Now, you can get strikethrough formatting style by including two tildes ‘~’ symbols, before and after the text which you want to be strikethrough. 4.

  3. To strikethrough text in the discrepancies section, the user must press the tilde key (~) twice at both ends of the text they wish to strikethrough. The tilde key is located in the upper left corner of every computer keyboard and the punctuation menu is present on every mobile phone.

    • Understanding Markdown Text
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    Discord uses the “Markdown Text” formatting system, a markup language that uses plain text for formatting. Essentially, it converts what you write in plain text into HTML which is then rendered in a browser. It allows users to just type normal text plus the formatting codes (which aren’t complicated or lengthy) thus producing a wide variety of visual effects with very little effort for the person typing the message. This includes the ability to make text bold, underlined, and other similar effects. Markdown is written in Perl, a very popular online programming language. The basic idea of Markdown is that it is easier to use than HTML while producing the same visual effects, and without having to deal with opening and closing tags. There are a number of Markdown options and we will highlight each of the basic things you can do with this useful text tool. The basic principle behind all of these formatting codes is simple: you put a special character or characters both before and after...

    Some Discord functions can be tricky for new users. Keep reading for more helpful information about Discord.

    By learning how to use Markdown, you can create a number of different useful text effects when typing in Discord. And, fortunately, Markdown is incredibly easy to learn. Although Markup is powerful, it isn’t all-powerful, and there are a lot of things you simply can’t do. However, this should give you the ability to brighten up your text chats a bit. Have any other suggestions for using Markup in Discord? Share them with us in the comments below!

  4. Feb 11, 2021 · To strikethrough Discord text, you will have to add two ~~ before and after your text. For example ~~mytext~~. To bold text, add two asterisks before and after your text.

  5. Jul 07, 2021 · 2. Discord Text Formatting – Green. The way to make your chat message green is similar to the way of adding red color, all you need to do is to replace the underscore with a plus + symbol. ```diff +for example for example for example for example for example +for example ``` 3. Discord Text Formatting – Blue

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