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  1. Most of the tips should be easy to implement on a generic content management like WordPress or Drupal, and all should be baked into a purpose-built training management system like Arlo. In this guide: The best training provider websites put user experience first. Eliminate admin: connect your training provider website to your back-end systems.

  2. A training management system is a streamlined version of what you already do on a daily basis to manage your training organization. With features like online registration, course management, CRM and more, you can automate simple processes and manage your entire training business in one central system.

  3. If your training business is still using spreadsheets to manage registrations, you have staff manually updating data across systems, or you’ve been caught out by human error, then you need a training management system (TMS). With a TMS at the centre of your business you can automate processes and streamline your training operation.

  4. Arlo automates manual processes and makes everyday tasks easy. In this presentation we’re going to show you how we can streamline every part of your training operation, freeing your team up to focus on more important tasks. On average, Arlo has helped its customers reduce manual administration by 43%.

  5. When your software systems talk to each other, your team can focus on building a great training business – not manually moving data around. By connecting your training business with integrations, you can transform your data and automate processes that weren’t possible before.

  6. Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management system for managing, marketing and delivering physical and online training and event services. It provides streamlined event scheduling, online registrations, invoicing and receipting, runs marketing activities, and manages client records and relationships. The service can be rapidly deployed ...

  7. Training Course - Introduction to Business Process Management It is intended to be a good general and practical introduction to the subject. It covers the foll… SlideShare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.