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  1. May 13, 2022 · Instructions on how to download the files. 1. LMS/SCORM - Download the LMS/SCORM file for use in your agency's learning management system. The files are compiled as SCORM 1.2. 2. Storyline Source File - Most of our online lessons are built in Articulate 360. Download the .story file if you would like to edit or modify the lessons in Storyline. 3.

  2. May 12, 2022 · Virtual Training Solutions provides interactive 3D-based training and instruction solutions which use existing digital assets from your CAD and PLM system. The training solutions are perfectly matched to the specific requirements of your workforce: effective, realistic, and customized. Slide 3 of 5.

  3. May 13, 2022 · With over 1,600 online and classroom training courses including 200 in Spanish; it’s easy to keep your company’s safety training up to date. BIStrainer contains integrated learning and compliance software so your team can complete their training, view training records, certificates, digital forms, and more, all in the same place. Learn more.

    • Cryptography
    • Operations Security
    • Communications Security
    • Organization of Information Security
    • Asset Management
    • Access Control
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    Policy on the use of cryptographic controls

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.10.1.1Ownership: Customer

    Event Logging

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.12.4.1Ownership: Customer

    Administrator and operator logs

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.12.4.3Ownership: Customer

    Clock Synchronization

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.12.4.4Ownership: Customer

    Network controls

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.13.1.1Ownership: Customer

    Information transfer policies and procedures

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.13.2.1Ownership: Customer

    Segregation of Duties

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.6.1.2Ownership: Customer

    Classification of information

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.8.2.1Ownership: Customer

    Access to networks and network services

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.9.1.2Ownership: Customer

    Management of privileged access rights

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.9.2.3Ownership: Customer

    Management of secret authentication information of users

    ID: ISO 27001:2013 A.9.2.4Ownership: Customer

    Additional articles about Azure Policy: 1. Regulatory Complianceoverview. 2. See the initiative definition structure. 3. Review other examples at Azure Policy samples. 4. Review Understanding policy effects. 5. Learn how to remediate non-compliant resources.

  4. May 12, 2022 · Narrator: One professional development coaching model used with education staff working with children and families is called practice-based coaching. Dr. Patricia Snyder: Practice-based coaching is an approach we use to support practitioners' implementation of interactional and teaching practices with young children to support their development ...

  5. May 12, 2022 · The 9 Box is a Leadership Talent Management Tool used to assess individuals on two dimensions: Their past performance and. Their future potential. The outcomes of running a 9 Box session include: Helping identify the organization’s leadership pipeline. Identifying the ‘keepers’. Identifying turnover risks.

  6. May 12, 2022 · Attributes of MICE/IEng MICE. 1 Understanding and Practical Application of Engineering. Maintain and extend knowledge of engineering theory and practice, and how technology assists its application. Solve engineering problems using a sound theoretical approach, based on evidence, and contribute to continuous improvement.