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  1. A learning management system (LMS) is a type of software dedicated to delivering online learning. Unlike a training management system, an LMS is mainly focused on the experience of the end-user. This type of system allows you to create and manage e-learning content, enroll and communicate with students, and track and assess their performance.

  2. Most of the tips should be easy to implement on a generic content management like WordPress or Drupal, and all should be baked into a purpose-built training management system like Arlo. In this guide: The best training provider websites put user experience first. Eliminate admin: connect your training provider website to your back-end systems.

  3. Arlo is training management software specifically designed for commercial training providers. You don’t need disconnected systems or manual processes anymore. Everything happens right in Arlo. From the CRM, to the website, to course management and more – all the way to invoicing. Everything happens in one place, and updates automatically.

  4. Or, maybe you’ve taken the first step in automating processes and you’ve invested in a training management system, like Arlo. You’re now able to manage your entire training business from one central hub; schedule courses and presenters, track payments and business growth, and provide relevant marketing. All under one roof.

  5. Arlo was built for training providers who need to scale. It includes all the tools to schedule and manage training courses, plus a whole lot more. Arlo’s training scheduling software keeps you organized and automates back-office processes, freeing you up to focus on course delivery and business growth. Try Arlo’s course scheduling system.

  6. Example A: French Level 1. The course template is named French Level 1 and has the assigned template code FR1. The first course created on the French Level 1 template will have the course code FR1-001. The second created on the template will have the course code FR1-002. Example B: French Level 2.