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  1. A book report doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple idea of writing or drawing a few elements of a story on a blank piece of paper is a perfectly appropriate book report for your younger kids! Here’s a simple book report idea you can use that’s low prep: Take a piece of paper and fold it into six squares. Label each square: Title & Author, Setting, Characters, Beginning, Middle, & End.

    • Read The Book
    • Outline Your Book Report
    • Write Your Book Report
    • Edit Your Book Report
    • in Summary

    There’s no shortcut to writing a book report. You have to read the book first. Resources like CliffsNotes can be helpful as a support, but they are no substitute for the real thing. If you’re reading a book you will be writing a book report about, it’s good to take notes as you read. Ways to take notes in the book itself (often called annotating): ...

    Preparing an outlinebefore you write is important for any kind of informational writing, but especially when it comes to book reports. If you dive right in to writing a book report, you risk missing important details. The kind of outline you need will depend on the kind of book you’re reporting on. If you’re writing about a fiction book, like a mys...

    Once you have your book report outlined, writing it can be a snap. It is just like most other informational essays. Use mostly declarativesentences. Describe things from an objective point of view. In other words, back up your ideas with examples, quotations, and citations from the book itself. Remember to always use quotation marks when you are ci...

    Like any report, your first draft of a book report is never going to be perfect. We recommend reading through it a few times while you edit. Read carefully for: 1. specific facts or details from the book to back up every example; 2. logical flow: did you use transitions and complete sentences to help guide the reader?; 3. and spelling and grammar m...

    Writing a book report can feel like a big task. But you can make it easier by doing the following: 1. take notes while you read 2. prepare an outline 3. write using transitions and specific examples 4. edit carefully Oh, and don’t skip actually reading the book. That part is really important …

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  3. 1. Proof of Reading and Understanding I used to think a good book report’s main purpose was to use as proof that my children did indeed read the assigned books and understand what they read. While that is important, there are other good reasons for having your children write book reports! 2. Practice Sharing Their Own Thoughts with Others

  4. About the Book Review Template for Kids. While some book reviews can offer an in-depth analysis of the book, this template is a basic introductory version. It was designed with young children (6-8 year-old) in mind. This book review template features four concrete questions, with the star rating system and a generous space for making an illustration.

  5. There are three main parts of every solid book report. Like any other report, the 1st grade book report must consist of the intro, main body, and conclusion. The most crucial thing composing these three parts is using the vocabulary. One of the main targets of generating book report is to teach a child to use the vocabulary correctly.

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