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  1. The Dark Knight Movie Review – Nerd's Forge › 2017/10/31 › the-dark

    Oct 31, 2017 · The Dark Knight is the second in Nolan’s batman trilogy. Most people, including myself, rank it very highly on a list of superhero movies. In this review, you might find out why. The first scene was an exiting ride. The clowns were talking about the Joker as if he were some sort of overlord. No one, however, knew he was part of the robbery.

  2. The Dark Knight (2008) Movie Review – Bookidote › the-dark-knight-2008-movie-review

    Aug 19, 2020 · This crime thriller is a phenomenal example of masterful storytelling and characterization. Based on multiple iconic stories including The Long Halloween, this movie served as a test of willpower, determination, and loyalty for the Dark Knight and it is accomplished through meticulous and devastating planning by the Joker.

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  4. The Dark Knight Review | The Movie Blog › 2008 › 06

    Jun 27, 2008 · Thanks for your review on “The Dark KnightMovie. It is the amazing horror movie. I also agree with you this is a really vast movie.

  5. The Dark Knight Revisited: A Thematic, Critical and ... › 2018/01/02 › the-dark

    May 04, 2018 · This essay will analyze Nolan’s Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) from a thematic, critical and historical point of view. The essay will examine the similarities and differences between the two films on topics such as characters, plot design, space of action, the salient devices, the shifting themes and ideological tendencies ...

  6. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Review – Bookidote › 2020/09/15 › the-dark-knight-rises

    Sep 16, 2020 · The Dark Knight Rises (2012) is the weakest chapter of the trilogy exploring a broken bat’s loss of hope and his quest for redemption through sacrifice and perseverance. The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final movie in The Dark Knight trilogy by director Christopher Nolan.

  7. The Dark Knight vs. Inception - Mike's Movie Reviews › the-dark-knight-vs-inception

    The Dark Knight brings to life Batman and the Joker’s conflict like never before. The movie is written with a poetic brilliance virtually unknown to superhero films. The story is compelling and allows the actors and the effects to shine. The same rings true for Inception. A truly original and brilliant screenplay lets Nolan brings viewers on ...

  8. The Dark Knight: A Superhero Masterpiece – Jonah's Daily Rants › 2021/07/26 › the-dark-knight-a

    Jul 26, 2021 · I kind of love how disconnected this movie is from the two. In both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, the League of Assassins is a major factor in the stories. The Dark Knight doesn’t even mention it! It’s focused entirely on the story of Batman, Joker, Harvey Dent, and everyone connected to it.

  9. How The Dark Knight Perfected Viral Movie Marketing - IGN › articles › the-dark-knight-why-so

    Jul 31, 2020 · The follow-up to the action hit Batman Begins, The Dark Knight reunites director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, who reprises the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Genres: Superhero, Drama ...

  10. How “The Dark Knight” impact to the movies industry ... › 2017/05/03 › how

    May 03, 2017 · And This is some of the example of the impact of “The Dark Knight” to the movie industry. Actually there are more example about it, there are a lot of movies that got inspiration from this movies that I didn’t mention yet, so what do you guys think about it, do you agree with this, and what movies that you think I should mention about it, you can also comment about it too.

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