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  1. Cover Credit: Krein Space Interpolation Neural Network, Eric A. Werneburg, Glenn T. Werneburg. Cover : The cover image is based on the Review Article Urethral function and failure: A review of current knowledge of urethral closure mechanisms, how they vary, and how they are affected by life events by Fernanda Pipitone, Zhina Sadeghi, and John O ...

  2. These clinicians are trained to assess Modified Barium Swallow Study results using the evidence-based and standardized MBSImP protocol. The MBSImP provides a protocol to specifically and accurately identify and quantify swallow impairments, which allows for the introduction of targeted and evidence-based swallow treatments.

  3. Howard Krein, surgeon Sandra Leiblum , RWJMS Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, first to describe Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder Paul J. Lioy , RWJMS Professor of Occupational and Community Medicine, author of DUST: The Inside Story of Its Role in the September 11th Aftermath (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.)

  4. Howard Krein, otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon, husband of Ashley Biden and son-in-law of 46th United States President Joe Biden; Sandra Saouaf, immunologist; Albert Schatz, graduate assistant to Selman Waksman, co-discovered Streptomycin; Selman Waksman, Class of 1915, discovered 22 antibiotics, best known for streptomycin; Nobel laureate ...

  5. Lois was born on April 10, 1939 in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in Powderly. She later moved to Hueytown, and then to Pell City - where she has resided for the last 45 years. Lois graduated from Jones Valley High School in 1957 and attended Howard University.

  6. Find groups that host online or in person events and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

  7. Mar 31, 2006 · The report, Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology, is a synthesis of studies that have examined the quality impact of health IT as well as the costs and organizational changes needed to implement health IT systems. This report reviews scientific data about the implementation of health IT to date, as documented in studies published ...

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