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  2. The Morning Email. Wake up to the day's most important news. Trump Announces Plan To Build ‘Impenetrable Dome’ To Protect U.S. From Nuclear Threats. The twice-impeached former president, the subject of several criminal investigations, said President Joe Biden's administration is risking nuclear war. By.

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  4. 1 a : to emit puffs (as of breath or steam) b : to proceed with labored breathing huffed up to the peak 2 a : to make empty threats : bluster b : to react or behave indignantly transitive verb 1 archaic : to treat with contempt 2 : to make angry 3 : to utter with indignation or scorn 4

  5. 1 hour ago · One of the first star players of the Badgers women’s basketball program, Huff was making her first trip to the Kohl Center. Fifteen years earlier, she was inducted into the UW athletic hall of...

  6. Definition of huff 1 as in fuss a state of nervous or irritated concern was in a huff because everyone was running late and the school bus would stop to pick them up in a matter of minutes Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance fuss sweat panic tizzy fluster dudgeon dither fret pother swivet lather stew swelter twitter pique agitation bother hysteria

  7. huff / ( hʌf) / noun a passing mood of anger or pique (esp in the phrase in a huff) verb to make or become angry or resentful (intr) to blow or puff heavily Also: blow draughts to remove (an opponent's draught) from the board for failure to make a capture (tr) obsolete to bully huffing and puffing empty threats or objections; bluster

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