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  1. To assist our clients in grasping the myriad of cultures, languages, and norms within their geographic operating area, i2Si brings a team of professionals with expertise in multiple social science disciplines, such as political science, sociology, cultural anthropology, linguistics and regional studies. These experts assist our clients in fully understanding the foreign regions in which they conduct business so that operations can bear the most fruit, whether that be profit or behavioral change.

  2. The Human Terrain System (HTS) was a United States Army, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) support program employing personnel from the social science disciplines – such as anthropology, sociology, political science, regional studies, and linguistics – to provide military commanders and staff with an understanding of the local population (i.e. the "human terrain") in the regions in which they are deployed.

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    Sociocultural Analysis.HTS’s raison d’etre was the mapping of the human terrain. In the non- or semi-permissive environments that characterized Iraq and Afghanistan, trained professionals could uniquely and quickly offer qualitative exploratory research to combat units. Reliable quantitative data were difficult to acquire (though it would be easier...

    Commanders assessed their teams as successful if they brought understanding of the local environment, proved themselves by strong working relationships within the staff and with other enablers, and supported the brigade’s efforts with their unique skills sets. Despite considerable effort, HTS never established a comprehensive profile for what a suc...

    Sociocultural Information as an Intelligence Function.One stirring debate surrounding HTS concerned whether its function was intelligence or something else. HTS founders McFate and Fondacaro maintained that in order to be effective, HTS needed to forge ties within academia. They hoped that by focusing HTS products on unclassified material and widel...

    The Intelligence Community is already moving to capture some of the sociocultural analysis space, but this solution likely reduces sociocultural understanding to a subordinate position within a community where “red layer” concerns are paramount. Housing an HTS-like capability with SOF has some merit but has not been realized for undisclosed reasons...

  4. Nov 26, 2012 · Human terrain is not a new concept; the need for understanding the behavior of adversaries and their culture, as well as that of the local populations with whom our military forces, diplomats, and aid organizations work, has been identified before: General Petraeus noted that “You have to understand not just what we call the military terrain… the high ground and low ground.

  5. The following list includes a variety of resources pertaining to Human Terrain Analysis in Afghanistan. Some items are links to external website and reports our program finds helpful in analyzing Human Terrain Analysis in Afghanistan. Behavioral Influences Analysis Center, USAF. Human Terrain analysis and education programs operated by US Air Force.

  6. Human Terrain Handbook - Public Intelligence

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