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  1. Human terrain information is of no use to the unit unless it is integrated into the continuous planning and decision making processes. The team must be tied into all planning processes, including relevant working groups, assessment boards, etc. that can utilize human terrain data and socio-cultural awareness. Sources of Human Terrain Information

  2. GIS for Human Terrain Analysis This 3-day workshop aims to teach utilization of GIS for the purpose of Human Terrain mapping. This is a growing area of study with both national security and commercial applications. Its major goal is to facilitate modeling, representation,

  3. • Assess human terrain at candidate VSO sites, temporary human terrain element embed • Assess population at current VSO sites, temporary human terrain element embed • Determine “sustains” from populace perspective Team structure TL x 1, Social Scientist x 3, Research Manager x 3, Human Terrain Analyst x 2 FY 12 Support

  4. Member of human terrain team talks with village residents during patrol in sher’Ali Kariz, Maiwand District, Kandahar Province The way aheaD For Human Terrain Teams By chriStopher J. lamB, JameS DouglaS orton, michael c. DavieS, and theoDore t. piKulSKy G eneral Raymond T. Odierno, Chief of Staff of the Army, learned from his

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  5. Oct 15, 2015 · WRA senior and camp management along with Community Analysis members pressured . ... creation of the Human Terrain Services and the induction of Human Terrain Teams (HTT) into ... and health care

  6. The duties and responsibilities of the various jobs within the HTS were spelled out THE CONCEPT OF THE HUMAN TERRAIN 10 in detail, but the vision, administration, and management of the program and the direction and guidance of teams and individuals were lacking (Clinton et al., 2010).

  7. n d u p res s issue 70, 3 rd quarter 2013 / JFQ 21 Forum | The Way Ahead for Human Terrain Teams The Army created Human Terrain glowing endorsement that captured the atten- we first developed a detailed chronology of Teams (HTTs) to provide combat forces in tion of Congress.3 Later, it became apparent HTS history and management issues.

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