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  1. People, Rumors Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Laptop From Hell, Natalie Biden Allegations have surfaced on social media that the infamous “Laptop from Hell” belonging to presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter contains photos of him together with a topless niece, aged 14 at the time.

  2. "Whats the most interesting thing about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Its not the fact that he is addicted to crack, hires whores and has fucked Malia Obama. Its that this is what the elite get up to behind closed doors," wrote another. Hunter Biden banged his niece AND Malia Obama?? Dawg.. shit is crazyyy — Joseph (@Jolemani1) October 25 ...

  3. One text post says, "Hunter Biden had 25,000 pics of him torturing and raping children under age 10 in China on his laptop!" Claims like this were amplified by websites like Natural News and InfoWars.

  4. WARNING ON CONTENT!! The Gateway Pundit was first to post on this video — the first to be released — of Hunter Biden’s drug and sex escapades from his laptop from hell. Twitter later blocked the tweet from its platform. Twitter did not give a reason why this was blocked. This was complete electioneering.

  5. Video reportedly shows naked Hunter Biden saying a laptop was stolen from him. Biden said he suspected the crook who stole his computer was one of “three guys that were like a little, like ...

  6. One year ago, The Post revealed that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop carried proof he sold influence while his father served as vice president — and his dad, now president, knew it.

  7. For eight years, Hunter made the contacts and split the money with his father: Joe Biden sold out his country and used his meth-head son to do it. But, folks, IT GETS WORSE. Today, on the laptop, emails were released between Beau Biden’s widow, Haillie, and Joe Biden in 2017 and more in 2018 when she and Hunter were still living together.

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