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    Stop!, it reached No.91 there and spawned a US release-only single, "Pay You Back with Interest", which was a modest hit, peaking at No.28. Another track, "Tell Me to My Face", was a moderate hit by Mercury artist Keith , and was also covered a decade later by Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg on their Twin Sons of Different Mothers album.

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    In 1983, Liberty Records in the US reissued this album as Pay You Back With Interest without the tracks "Stop! Stop! Stop!" and "High Classed". Stop! Stop! Stop! was the Hollies' last new album for Imperial Records in the US and for Capitol Records in Canada and would be followed by a greatest hits album on those labels.

    • 20 June–17 October 1966 (except 17 November 1965 for "Don't Even Think About Changing")
    • Rock, pop
    • U.S. Entry into World War I
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    Pay You Back with Interest This song is by The Hollies and appears… on the album For Certain Because (1966) on the compilation album 30th Anniversary Collection: 1963-1993 (1993) on the album The Hollies at Abbey Road 1966 to 1970 (1998) on the album Greatest Hits (2003) on the album Midas Touch: The Very Best of the Hollies (2010)

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    "Pay You Back with Interest" composed by band members Allan Clarke, Graham Nash, and Tony Hicks is from The Hollies' album For Certain Because released on Pa...

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  5. The Hollies - Pay You Back With Interest Lyrics | SongMeanings

    Edit Wiki Too many people need me I've got so much So much to do But when my traveling is over I'll pay you back with interest I'll pay you back with interest It seems unfair to leave you And sell myself the way I do.

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    Lyrics to 'Pay You Back With Interest' by Hollies. Too many people need me I've got so much, so much to do But when my travelling is over I'll pay you back with interest I'll pay you back with interest

  7. The Hollies-Pay You Back with Interest 1967 - YouTube

    Another UK hit that just isn't played that much anymore. Enjoy!

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  8. Worthy of Trust | Witcher Wiki | Fandom

    He then pleads for you to not turn him in to the jarl and promises to pay you back with interest in return. You can either agree to his terms, turn him in, or attack him. If you choose any but the option to let him go, he'll resist and you must attack him. At this point the quest ends, though one can loot his body afterwards to get back the 150 .

  9. The Machine | Borderlands Wiki | Fandom
    • Special Weapon Effects
    • Usage & Description
    • Notes

    We pay you back... with interest!– Increased magazine size and fire rate. Damage and fire rate increase the longer the trigger is held (similar to Maliwan lasers).

    The Machine is a sniper rifle that is both powerful and very costly to use. It has a high fire rate that continues to increase as it is fired, and therefore rapidly consumes sniper rifle ammunition. Its huge magazine size helps its damage potential, as it takes a long time before it needs to be reloaded in the middle of a fight. Characters that have access to skills or class mods that grant ammo regeneration can increase the Machine's effectiveness/cost ratio significantly. The Lemon Lime & Bullets Moxx-tailcan also assist with ammunition replenishment. Nisha's Showdownaction skill can also help by eliminating the Machine's recoil, thereby improving the accuracy of the shots.

    The Machine initially could not legitimately spawn in-game. It was first made available as a SHiFTreward during New Year 2016, and a hotfix released on January 25th 2016 added The Machine as a worl...

  10. Pay you back - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    pay (one) back 1. To repay one. I don't mind you borrowing money from me, but please pay me back as soon as possible. If you don't pay back the bank, they could repossess your ...