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  1. Hexagram number 56 indicates a journey of discovery. It could be an outer journey to a new place or employment, or may reference a journey of self-discovery. This is a time to be sincere and extremely honest with yourself. What are you really looking for? Where do you think it will be found?

  2. Hexagram 56 Text - I Ching Hexagrams Hexagram 56 Text Hexagram 56 Text THE WANDERER Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number: (Sequential: Alternative Name and Number: Rests in the Light) THE SEQUENCE: Zodiac: ………. 12° – 18° Libra Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Oct 5 to Oct 11 approx ……………………Southern Hemisphere: Apr 1 to Apr 8 approx

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  4. 56 Sojourning LU t Sojourning through the Small. Make an offering and you will succeed. Advantageous Trial. Spread the word. Be aware and considerate without relaxing the rules. Don’t try to change the world. Beware of pride, presumption, arrogance, disrespect and condescension. Recognize you are a guest in someone’s home and act accordingly.

  5. iChing 56: The Wanderer 56: The Wanderer Seasoned travelers know that special decorum is called for when venturing far from home. They must develop a more yielding personality so that their local contact, or host, can open doors and pave the way.

    • The Image of Fire Over Mountain
    • Six in The First Place
    • Six in The Second Place
    • Nine in The Third Place
    • Nine in The Fourth Place
    • Six in The Fifth Place
    • Nine in The Last Place

    When traveling to places where the customs of the people are foreign to you leave self-importance at home. Always be a good guest. Enjoy the new environment with no expectations. Choose a traveling companions carefully. Not everyone is suited to the adaptability needed to explore new places and situations. While traveling you will meet many people ...

    Watch out! Avoid trouble in your wandering. Be wary of trivial pursuits that lead you nowhere. Save your energy for more rewarding adventures. Six in the first place changes to Hexagram 09 Paintings and Prescriptions Hexagram 09

    Pack what you need for the trip and then find a companion who can be helpful on your journey to new places. Six in the second place changes tohexagram 50. Paintings and Prescriptions hexagram 50.

    Disaster! Your arrogance caused you to lose your companion and a place to live. When in a strange land it is important to know what the rules are and abide by them. If you are not mindful you can find yourself in trouble from which you can’t escape. Nine in the third place changes to hexagram 35. Paintings and Prescriptionshexagram 35.

    While you have found a place to stay you may not feel comfortable in this environment. When you are ready you can move on to find a home more suited to your needs. Nine in the fourth place changes to hexagram 52. Paintings and Prescriptionshexagram 52.

    Thoughts can also travel like a bird flying, hitting the target of your goal. You win new friends with an important position in the community. Six in the fifth place changes tohexagram 33. Paintings and Prescriptionshexagram 33.

    Not again! You were careless and lost your place of rest. At first you may think your situation is amusing. Reality sets in to all that is lost by aiming too high like a fire traveling on a mountain top. When traveling you must always be conscious of being a stranger in a strange land or you could lose your welcome there. Nine in the last place cha...

  6. Jan 20, 2019 · Hexagram 56 yijing represents a time to go on a journey. Often we feel the need to travel. But, now is the time to do so to gain knowledge and not just to escape. There is much knowledge, wisdom, and beauty to be discovered in the world. We leave behind our homes to discover something new. There are usually two reasons for wanting to travel.

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