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  1. Ibanez AF195 AV - Wikipedia

    Nov 06, 2020 · Ibanez AF195 AV From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ibanez Artcore United AF195 AV is a hollow body electric guitar. The Artcore United models were positioned by Ibanez in between the Japanese built Prestige models (George Benson GB10 etc.) and the Chinese made Artcore series.

  2. Cort Guitars - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · Ibanez, Parkwood, Squier, G&L Tribute series line of guitars are among the most well-known brands that Cort produces. In recent years, small companies known for extremely high quality (and high-priced) guitars have begun contracting Cort to produce budget line models.

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  4. Nita Strauss - Wikipedia

    22 hours ago · Nita Strauss (December 7, 1986) is an American rock musician. She is the current touring guitarist for Alice Cooper and has a successful career as a solo artist. Strauss was the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars and is regularly featured on the covers of worldwide print magazines including Guitar World and Guitar Player.

  5. Semi-acoustic guitar - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · The first semi-acoustic guitars are often thought of as an evolutionary step in the progression from acoustic guitars to full electric models. However, Gibson made the ES-150 several years after Rickenbacker made the first solid-body electric guitar. The ES series was merely an experiment the Gibson company used to test the potential success of ...

  6. Taylor Guitars - Wikipedia

    Sep 03, 2020 · Taylor Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer based in El Cajon, California, and is one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the United States. They specialize in acoustic guitars and semi-hollow electric guitars. The company was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug.

    • 1974; 46 years ago
    • Musical instrument manufacturing
    • Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug
    • Private
  7. Seagull (company) - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · Seagull is a Canadian company and sub-brand of Godin Guitars that produces acoustic guitars. The company was originally located in La Patrie, a small village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and founded in 1982 by Robert Godin and a few of his friends.

  8. Types of Electric Guitars - Definitive Guide | Beginner Guitar HQ

    Jul 16, 2020 · Electric guitar body styles. Electric guitars are versatile instruments. They are also fairly simple to use and understand as most can play any styles of rock, blues, pop, and jazz music. After all, guitars were created for those genres in mind.

  9. Ibanez Apex 2 7-String ((Funny ending)) - YouTube

    Jun 13, 2016 · James 'Munky' Shaffer from Korn on his Ibanez APEX200 and APEX20 Signature Models - Duration: 6:57. Ibanez Guitar 353,148 views

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  10. A Brief History of ESP Guitars: From Replacement to | Reverb News
    • Export to U.S.A.
    • U.S. Reputation Grows
    • Lower Price Points

    In 1984, ESP decided to take its replacement parts business to New York. A company representative would fly from Tokyo to visit Music Row on Manhattan’s 48th Street and sell components to repair shops. During one of those trips, ESP formed a relationship with Kramer, which used ESP to “ghost build” necks and bodies. Kramer was flush with demand after the endorsement of Eddie Van Halen and needed to outsource production to keep up. That introduced ESP to the U.S. market, and in 1986 the company began selling the 400 series, which were familiar vintage designs at first, but later included original ESP designs, such as the Horizon.

    While ESP-made parts and models were available in the United States in ‘84, distribution was limited. One oft-referenced story in ESP lore involves George Lynch of Dokken. The band was touring in 1985, and Lynch stopped in at the Tokyo headquarters and shop. He was already aware of ESP replacement parts but was amazed when he picked up a guitar later known as the Kamikaze model. He ordered one on the spot.That exposed more players to the unique style of ESP. While the company had relationships with players before Lynch, including Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, who was an early adopter, the breakthrough with Lynch laid the groundwork for ESP’s emergence as the premier metal guitar. Other high-profile users soon joined the ESP family with signature models at varying price points. The company produced KH models, named for Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, and the Truckster and Snakebyte models, which are associated with the band’s James Hetfield. Signature models have become a staple of ESP g...

    In 1996, ESP focused on growing its U.S. market share and introduced the popular LTDline, which are built in China, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia. LTDs have become staples for beginning players, who hopefully will aspire to higher-end ESP models. The LTD line also further separates the Japanese-made ESP Standard line for the American market, as well as fully custom models. Once the LTD designs became widely available, the company saw a surge in popularity. The metal-friendly designs fit well with the music of the time, attracting players from Slayer, Megadeth, the Deftones, Anthrax and other emerging metal bands. ESP has also broadened its appeal by licensing popular images from comic books, horror movies and contemporary art for use on guitar bodies. The company established affordable made-in-Japan options with the LTD Elite and later E-II models, and introduced an American custom shop in North Hollywood, Calif., offering a run of the Eclipse and Horizon models. Continually innovati...

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