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  1. Kingdom of Iberia - Wikipedia

    Jan 11, 2021 · The similarity of the name with the old inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula, the 'Western' Iberians, has led to an idea of ethnogenetical kinship between them and the people of Caucasian Iberia (called the 'Eastern' Iberians).

  2. Iberian Peninsula - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The Iberian Peninsula / aɪ ˈ b ɪər i ə n /, also known as Iberia, is a peninsula in the southwest corner of Europe, defining the westernmost edge of Eurasia.It is principally divided between Spain and Portugal, comprising most of their territory, as well as a small area of Southern France, Andorra and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

    • 583,254 km² (225,196 sq mi)
    • Mulhacén
  3. Who are the Celts? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

    4 days ago · The empire stretched from the Iberian Peninsula to the Scottish Highlands, the Black Sea, and into central Italy. At that time, the massive size of the Celtic empire led to the development of two distinct groups of Celts. Those people near the Iberian Peninsula were known as the Celtiberi, and those who lived near the Black Sea were the Galtae.

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  4. “I’m in Bolivia?!?” – Iberian America

    1 day ago · Iberian America. All you need to know about Iberian America ... It’s a simple phenomenon but one that happens among quite a few people but is something I only ...

  5. 'Why Hasn't She Been Arrested Yet?': Family of Black ...

    3 days ago · A group of Quawan Charles’ family members confront Iberia Parish sheriff’s deputies to demand the arrest of Janet Irvin on Jan. 4. (Video: YouTube/The Daily Iberian)

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  7. Food Security: Rethinking The Agricultural Revolution ...

    Jan 11, 2021 · The Agricultural, or Neolithic (New-Stone Age) Revolution , marks the birth of modern civilization. Traditional wisdom says that is when we started to become us. That is when we began to grow crops, build cities, develop trade routes, practice specialized crafts and skills, and start the process of becoming the fully evolved species that we have become.

  8. The Pyrenees Are So, So Underrated

    Jan 11, 2021 · Elegant but craggy, the Pyrenees divide the Iberian peninsula from France, and boy do they look magnificent doing so. The Alps, but not as crowded. Snowy peaks, endless waterfalls, impossibly picturesque valleys, serve cows plodding past with giant bells clashing beneath their necks. Heaven ...

  9. Deep freeze wreaks havoc in Spain following blockbuster Storm ...

    5 days ago · In addition to an already cold air mass situated over the Iberian Peninsula, ... Officials have urged people, especially the elderly, to remain home to prevent additional falls, ...

  10. Gathering and consumption of wild fruits in the east of the ...

    3 days ago · The multiple archaeobotanical studies from the east Iberian Peninsula from 2800 cal.BC to 200 BC have provided around twenty wild fruit taxa of varying importance.

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