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  1. The Iberian animals were selected from the list of mammals from Portugal and Spain made by Purroy and Varela (2016), and only the bear exists exclusively in the wild in Spain no wadays. The genet ...

  2. The Spanish water dog is one of the most popular Spanish dog breeds in the world. Because this dog breed is so ancient, little is known about the history of the Spanish water dog, but it is estimated that its origins bear on the arrival of the Muslims to the Iberian Peninsula, in the year 711 AD.

  3. The Iberian Lynx is species of cat found in southwestern Spain. It is one of the world’s most endangered cats. In 2002 only 52 mature individuals remained in the wild. Like other lynxes, the Iberian Lynx has tufted ears, long legs, a short tail, and long fur around the front of its neck.

  4. At approximately 10:40 the draw begins and the suspense is intense. It reminded me of times at university when results of exams were announced. About 100 people gathered and awaited. Five lucky names are called in quick succession, people clap a little more less sincerely every time someone from the lucky ones show up to check ID.

  5. They are now among the world's 100 most invasive species due to their interbreeding, altering freshwater habitats and carrying pathogens. How you can help Learn about the world's wildlife and pet trade and the impact it has on the welfare of both humans and nature. Consider adopting a pet carefully, and never release your pets back into the wild.

  6. The giant Cuban owl terrified rodents and other small animals during the Pleistocene, and became extinct about 7-10 thousand years ago. The specific scientific name means “bird with giant claws”, but Ornimegaloniks could not fly. The wings were reduced, but this did not stop the bird from overtaking its victims.

  7. The golden tabby, above, has dark orange stripes instead of black. The black tiger has wider stripes and more black on its head and back. And the blue tiger? A blue tiger cub was born at a zoo in Oklahoma, but died while young.

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