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  1. From Iberian Romani to Iberian Para-Romani Varieties (2015) list of tables and figures Table 1.Models of classification of Romani dialects ----16 Figure 1. North-South division in Romani dialects ----20 Figure 2. Archaic forms of demonstratives in Romani dialects ----21 Table 2. Survey of transcription of chosen sounds ----57 Table 3.

  2. The sites of the Iberian Peninsula have provided information that allows us to affirm that humans arrived to Europe more than one million years ago. In (PDF) Rodríguez, X. P. (2011).

  3. 10 Devotional Music in the Iberian World, 1450-I 800 was short, and this promoted the importance of the creative task that lay behind the provision of villancicos- at least from the point of view of its time-consuming nature and the sheer quantity of works produced- since Spanish composers were expected to write between ten and 30 new ...

  4. "The use of amber is documented in the Iberian peninsula since the Palaeolithic. The procurement and trade of this fossil resin has often been considered in discussions of long-distance trade and the emergence of social complexity, but so far no

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    This interdisciplinary course analyzes the intersection between these two disciplines through the study of health-related topics in Iberian and Latin American cultural expressions (literature, film, documentaries, among other sources) in order to explore new critical perspectives across both domains.

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    Holding the World in Balance: The Connected Histories of the Iberian Overseas Empires, 1500–1640 SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM America bores open all her mines, and unearths her silver and her treasure, to hand them over to our own Spain, which enjoys the world’s best in every measure, from Europe, Libya, Asia, by way of San Lu´ car, and through Manila, despite the Chinaman’s displeasure.

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    The Iberian Peninsula contains rocks of every geological period from the Ediacaran to the Recent, and almost every kind of rock is represented. World class mineral deposits can also be found there. The core of the Iberian Peninsula consists of a Hercynian cratonic block known as the Iberian Massif.

  8. Sep 17, 2020 · Members of the aquatic clade of reptiles Sauropterygia quickly evolved and diversified during the Triassic, acquiring different lifestyles and trophic roles with a cosmopolitan distribution. Although the first Triassic sauropterygian remains from the Iberian Peninsula were found more than a century ago, most of the relatively abundant recovered fossils have provided scarce taxonomic ...

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    Abraham Aboab Falero (? - 1642), seventeenth century philanthropist.
    Joshua Benoliel (1873 - 1932) Photojournalist, official photographer for King Carlos I of Portugal.
    Moisés Bensabat Amzalak (1892 - 1978), Milgram, Avraham (2011). Portugal, Salazar, and the Jews. Yad Vashem. p. 34. ISBN 9789653083875.


    1. Petrus Alphonsi, 11th & 12th century physician, writer, astronomer, and polemicist. 2. Vidal Astori(15th century) merchant and silversmith. 3. Bonafos Caballeria(?-1964), historian and anti-Jewish writer. 4. Abraham Cresques(1325-1387), cartographer. 5. Jehudà Cresques(1360-1410), cartographer. 6. Alfonso de Cartagen(1384-1456), Roman Catholic bishop, diplomat, historian and writer of pre-Renaissance Spain. 7. Moses Hamon(1490-1567) physician, historian and phlanthopoist. 8. Joseph ben Hay...


    1. Isak Andic (1953-), Turkish-born businessman and founder Mango. 2. Miguel de Barrios(1625-1701), philosopher, historian and poet. 3. Nissan Ben-Avraham(1957-), Marrano rabbi. 4. Esther Bendahan(1964-), Moroccan born author. 5. Elena Benarroch(1955-), fashion designer. 6. Elías Bendodo[es](1974-), politician, former President of Malaga Provincial Deputation 7. Doris Benegas(1951-2016), Venezuelan-born political lawyer, half Jewish. 8. José María Benegas (1948-2015), Venezuelan-born politici...

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    The new series shows that the Second World War had a negative and non-permanent effect on the evolution of TIS, but not on TWS, which increased until the mid 1950s. From the mid 1950s to the early 1980s, there was a sharp decline in TIS and TWS.

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