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  1. The highest peak in Iceland is Hvannadalshnúkur, which is part of Öræfajökull volcano, is located in the southern limit of Vatnajökull, and is 2,110 high meters (6,920 ft) high. Winter in Iceland is not so cold, in fact, the average temperature in plains and coasts is around the freezing point. This means that the temperatures can exceed 0 ...

  2. Apr 12, 2019 · The Iceland average temperature is lower in spring that what you might be used to. But if you have the right layers, you’ll be fine. The highest temperature recorded in Iceland was 30.5 ºC (87 ºF), so we do get warm weather occasionally.

  3. The lowest temperature on record is −39.7 °C (−39.5 °F). Summer. The average July temperature in the southern part of the island is 10–13 °C (50–55 °F). Warm summer days can reach 20–25 °C (68–77 °F). The highest temperature recorded was 30.5 °C (86.9 °F) in the Eastern fjords in 1939.

  4. Average temperature in May in selected cities and towns in Iceland 1988-2020 Average temperature in October in selected cities in Sweden 2002-2018 Average temperature in January in Stockholm ...

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    As of 2009, Iceland had 3.7 doctors per 1,000 people (compared with an average of 3.1 in OECD countries) and 15.3 nurses per 1,000 people (compared with an OECD average of 8.4). [215] Icelanders are among the world's healthiest people, with 81% reporting they are in good health, according to an OECD survey. [103]

  6. Apr 10, 2020 · Iceland's temperatures reach extremes at times. In 1939, the island nation recorded a high of 86.9 degrees Fahrenheit (30.5 degrees Celsius) on the southeastern coast, and Grímsstaðir in the northeast of Iceland dipped way down to minus 36.4 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 38 degrees Celsius) in 1918.

  7. Jun 23, 2021 · Average temperature in July in selected cities and towns in Iceland 1988-2020 Average temperature in February in Stockholm, Sweden 1987-2017 Average temperature in January in Stockholm, Sweden ...

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