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  1. May 10, 2021 · Best Time to Visit Iceland – Weather in Iceland by Month When you consider all the important factors, the best time to visit Iceland is in September. This month’s average temperature, while unpredictable, isn’t as cold as the winter weather in Iceland. Plus, you can see the first northern lights of the season if you visit in September!

  2. Iceland - where an August record of 29.3C (84.7F), in Hallormsstadur, east Iceland, occurred on the 24th The Finnish region of Utsjoki, Lapland - where the mercury hit 33.5C (92.3F) on 5 July in Kevo, close to where Santa Claus lives

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  4. Iceland is near the Arctic Circle, so summer days and winter nights are long. The temperature is rarely above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors should tour the country in the summer. The countryside is beautiful and the roads easy to traverse. Many shops close during the winter months as well.

  5. Jun 08, 2022 · The average maximum temperature for the month was 71.5 (3.7 degrees warmer than average) and the average daily minimum was 46.2 degrees (3.2 degrees warmer than average) Precipitation for the month was 2.90 inches, which was 0.78 inches below normal, with nearly half of May’s precipitation falling May 15-16 with 1.40 inches.

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  6. Feb 26, 2022 · Climate outlook for the 2022 growing season. Feb 26, 2022. 0. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center recently released its latest three-month climate outlook, which includes the seasonal temperature ...