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  1. In early May the weather in Iceland is colder than it is in late May. Average temperatures in early May are around 2 C (36 F) with 18 daylight hours. In late May the average temperature is around 11 C (53 F) with 20 daylight hours. Is Iceland snowy in May? The weather in Iceland is quite unpredictable but usually, in May it has stopped snowing.

    • The Country Sheds Its Winter Coat And Comes To Life In May In Iceland. May in Iceland brings new life, little to no snow, and the promise of summer. And with plenty of National Holidays throughout the month to break up the work schedule, locals fully embrace the month.
    • Swimsuits Are A Must To Take Advantage Of The Local Pools And Hot Pots. May in Iceland is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the heated pools and relaxing hot tubs.
    • May Starts The Whale Watching Season In Iceland. If you’re hoping to add whale watching to your itinerary when visiting Iceland in May, you’re in luck. Although June, July, and August are considered the peak whale watching months, you’re still likely to be able to get a look at these gentle giants in May.
    • The Puffins Come To Breed Starting In May In Iceland. With their distinctive orange beak and goofy, adorable demeanor, puffins are a big draw for tourists traveling to Iceland in May.
  2. May 1, 2019 · May in Iceland is a bit of a shoulder season that delightfully results in lower prices and fewer tourists! Check it out!

  3. Apr 12, 2022 · As far as Icelandic weather goes, May has the balmiest temperatures before summer. If you look at the graph, don't be put off by the temperatures that you see! Yes, the expected temperatures for May in Iceland range from an average of 5°C (41 F) to 10°C (50 F). However, as long as there is no wind, the cold in Iceland isn't...well, that cold.

  4. Apr 20, 2022 · The average temperature in Iceland in May is7 °C, the average at the warmest part of the day is a surprisingly comfortable 10 °C, with the average low being 4 °C. So, usually 40 °F to 50 °F. Rainfall varies from year to year but the average number of days with rainfall is 11 days, just one more day than in June.

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