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    • 1. characterized by idealism; unrealistically aiming for perfection: "often people have such an idealistic picture of farming that it bears almost no relation to the reality"
    • 2. relating to or denoting the theory of idealism.

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  2. idealistic: [adjective] of or relating to idealists or idealism.

  3. idealistic Guanaco. .. No because modern music companies would never promote it or advertise it anywhere so they get no exposure. For example: Stranger things had Metallica in a recen

  4. idealism: [noun] a theory that ultimate reality lies in a realm transcending phenomena. a theory that the essential nature of reality lies in consciousness or reason. a theory that only the perceptible is real. a theory that only mental states or entities are knowable.

  5. Feb 23, 2010 · The way i see it, is that the idealist think more heavily on the end result whereas the realist are thinking more on the present day. Think of it as a cone, the base is the end result of a concept or an idea (the bigger picture) but his starting point is the tip of the cone. i think its because of the small starting point that an idealist struggles to get his idea to be real and as for the ...

  6. Idealist definition, a person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc. See more.

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