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  1. A note from Cleveland Clinic. If you don’t treat high blood pressure, it can put you at risk for developing serious illnesses later in life such as heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. But if you follow your provider’s instructions, you can control your blood pressure. Be sure to take any medicines your provider ordered as instructed.

  2. Diltiazem is a medicine used to treat high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, taking diltiazem helps to prevent future heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Diltiazem is also used to prevent chest pain caused by angina as well as Raynaud's phenomenon. It can also be used to help heal an anal fissure.

  3. High blood pressure is more common in African American adults than in Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian adults. are male. Men are more likely to develop high blood pressure before age 55; women are more likely to develop it after age 55. Kidney disease. In addition to high blood pressure, other factors that increase your risk of kidney disease are ...

  4. When you have high blood pressure, you need to be very careful with over-the-counter pain medicines. Remember: No drug is risk-free. Here are some tips from the experts about using these medicines.

  5. Sep 05, 2021 · If left untreated, high blood pressure is a risk factor that can increase your chance of developing heart disease, a stroke and other serious conditions. Minoxidil will be prescribed for you if other medicines have not been sufficient to control your high blood pressure. It will be prescribed for you by a specialist doctor.

  6. high blood pressure is 12.5mg once a day for 2 days – this is increased to 25mg, taken once a day. If your blood pressure does not go down enough your doctor may increase your dose to up to 50mg a day. This can be taken as a single dose or split into 2 doses. heart failure is 3.125mg, taken twice a day for 2 weeks. Your doctor will then ...

  7. Jan 05, 2015 · I got put on lisinopril hcx 20mg/12.5 mg, and have been on it for a year and a half now. Now every time I take my blood pressure, which is daily just out of habit, it’s usually anywhere between 100/60 to 125/78 at the highest. Usually it’s around 110/68, and I’ve been feeling somewhat weak and anemic lately, which seems logical.

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