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  1. CUTE ANIMATED CARD MYSPACE COMMENTS GENERATOR - Choose from 40 different designs, personalized with up to 5 lines text! Click on the "ANIMATED CARD" link above these images to make your own! LOVE CARD GENERATOR - "I Love You" or "Kiss Ya" title, HEARTS or KISSIE LIPS theme. Choose your colors, add personal message text.

  2. MySpace Comments, MySpace HTML Codes, Glitter Graphics, Pimp ... › content › comments

    In this section we have MySpace Hot Comments, MySpace Sexy Comments and MySpace Risque Comments. This is the perfect place to get glitter graphics, animated graphics and comments to spice up your MySpace profile. Why a dull profile when you can have a spicey, pimped site!

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  4. MySpace Comments - MySpace Comment Graphic Codes

    MySpace Comments. We have a great collection of comment images codes for Myspace, Friendster and Xanga users. We will provide comment codes for you and for Myspace users, you can either put the codes in your myspace bullentin and profile settings page.

  5. Hugs Comments and Graphics Codes for Myspace, Friendster, Hi5 To use the free Hugs graphic comments: Copy the HTML code from below the graphic image and paste the code on your blog, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, MyEeos, Xanga, Piczo, Orkut, Multiply, TagWorld or other social networking profile page.

  6. Welcome to our site! We have thousands of comments and images for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, Hi5, Tagged, Shtyle, Tumblr and other social networking sites. Send images with quotes of friendship, love cards, funny photos, animated cartoons, cute gifs, scraps, messages on pictures to all your friends and your online profile.

  7. Comments & Graphics! - › graphics provides thousands of images, codes and layouts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and many other sites Comments & Graphics! -

  8. MySpace Love Comments, Romance Comments, Glitter Graphics ... › content › comments

    Paste some of our MySpace Glitter Graphic codes into your best friends MySpace Profile. Send some love to a sweetheart or a close friend. You will find just the right words and images here. Chroma Luna has a large selection HTML codes, images, glitter graphics and comments to decorate and "Pimp" up your MySpace profile.

  9. We offer free cute comments, glitter graphics, pictures, cards, and images for your profile, blog or forum. To share images, use a share button for specific sites or copy and paste code. Below each image, you will find share buttons for Facebook and Twitter. Click on the image to see html codes, further instructions, more codes and share options.

  10. Free graphics, quotes, pics, comments, images & greetings. Share on social media

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