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    Incertae sedis (Latin for 'of uncertain placement') or problematica are terms used for a taxonomic group where its broader relationships are unknown or undefined. Alternatively, such groups are frequently referred to as "enigmatic taxa".

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    The example of Homo being placed incertae sedis in Hominidae is a bad example. It includes a subfamily Homininae, containing gorillas and chimpanzees, but the subfamily Homininae is based on the genus Homo. Without that genus included, it would have to be called Paninae or Gorillinae (I think Paninae has priority, but I am not sure).

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    Incertae sedis are organisms that cannot be assigned with confidence to a taxonomic group. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

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    Sordariomycetes incertae sedis‎ (1 C, 103 P) Pages in category "Ascomycota incertae sedis" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 215 total.

  5. In taxonomy, the term incertae sedis (abbreviated inc. sed.) is used for a taxon when its broader relationship to other taxa is unknown. The first person who used the term in botany was probably Antoine-Laurent de Jussieu. In his book Genera Plantarum of 1789 he listed a few plantae incertae sedis.

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    Incertae sedis (latinsky nejasného zařazení) či incertae cedis [zdroj?], zkratky inc. sed. a inc. ced. je označení pro taxon, u nějž nejsou známy širší příbuzenské vztahy v rámci vyšší taxonomické skupiny. Příkladem je například Grypania spiralis, fosílie, která je označována za raného eukaryota.

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    Incertae sedis (latinski: nesiguran položaj ili neizvjestan položaj) [1] ili problematica, su taksonomski termini koji se daju grupi organizama čiji su širi međuodnosi nepoznati ili nedefinirani. [2] Alternativno, takve grupe se često označavaju kao "enigmatski taksoni". [3]

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    Genera incertae sedis. According to the 2007 Outline of Ascomycota, the following genera within the Hypocreales have an uncertain taxonomic placement (incertae sedis), and have not been assigned to any family.

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    Jul 18, 2018 · Deutsch: incertae sedis (abgekürzt inc. sed.; lateinischer Genetiv von incerta sedes „unsichere Stellung“) ist ein Fachbegriff in der biologischen Taxonomie, der die unsichere Stellung eines Taxons innerhalb der biologischen Systematik kennzeichnet, beispielsweise die unklare Zuordnung einer Gattung zu einer bestimmten Familie

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    incertae sedis (インケルタエ・セディス、英語読み インサーティ・シーディス)は、ラテン語で「地位が不確実」という意味の句である。英語に逐語訳すると uncertain seat となる。