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  1. Feb 16, 2023 · Statistics; The United States and Canada – collectively known as the North American movie market – are home to one of the most influential film-producing industries worldwide.

  2. Jan 25, 2021 · Leading film markets worldwide 2022, by number of tickets sold. Costs of the most expensive film productions worldwide 2022. Box office revenue in the U.S. and Canada 1980-2022. Revenue of the ...

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  4. Independent films are short or feature-length movies which are produced outside the major film studio system. Traditionally, this goes hand in hand with being produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies – however in recent decades, major studios have also sought to channel the creative power of independent producers by ...

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    The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the film industry hard. But, seeing as movies are still being produced, it can be hard to tell just how rough things have been. Overall, the current status of the industry seems to walk the tightrope between precariousness and absolute catastrophe. Here are some insights our research uncovered: 1. Despite taking a hit ...

    Customers have always been the most crucial aspect of film industrysuccess. After all, the inability of consumers to go to theaters was a huge hit to the industry throughout 2020. The question is, are customers still interested in the traditional film industry? Here are some insights our research uncovered: 1. 41% of movie goers among adults rarely...

    Due to the sheer size of the film industry in the United States, there are many people who rely on it for employment. Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a huge negative effect. Here are the facts: 1. The U.S. Film Industry employs roughly 2.5 million people.And that number spans 93,000 businesses, of which the majority had to close throu...

    The void left by the Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted the Film Industry in a huge way. Instead of attending theaters, many are switching to online streaming servicesto receive their entertainment. Here are the facts: 1. The number of movie tickets sold plummeted by 82% between 2019 and 2020.In 2019, there were roughly 1.24 billion movie theater ti...

    Despite the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the film industry continues to produce movies and other media. While production did slow down, there were still some major movie releases. Here’s what we found: 1. The Film Industry’s production spending increased by 16.1% in North America.In 2020, global production spending reached an all-time high ...

    With U.S. box office revenue being 76% lower immediately after theaters reopened, the film industry has a long way to climb to recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic. In fact, at only $2.09 billion, box office revenue is down 82% from 2019. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the film industry. The industry is expecting to experience a CAGR of 8.3...

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  5. The film industry statistics report covers global filmed entertainment growth by region (North America, EMEA - Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America) and highlights the standout changes in market growth per year by region. Using PwC's well-respected film industry statistics are sure to gain you credibility with Film Investors.

  6. Mar 19, 2023 · Asian Film Archive Lvl 4, National Library Building 100 Victoria Street Singapore 188064 (+65) 6777 3243;; ;

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