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  1. Jan 17, 2019 · To help investors better understand the industry, a market trend analysis for independent films is crucial. The film industry is changing, and this is reflected in ongoing market trend analysis for...

  2. What's missing today is serious, in-depth, economic investigative journalism that takes a real look at independent film. With regard to the first objection, that independent film is too hard to define: true enough. So here's another proposal: instead of trying to do an economic study of all of independent film (whatever that is), lets start by ...

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    What is the current economic situation in the film industry?

    Is Hollywood becoming an independent film industry?

    Does economic structure and theory stagnate the film industry?

    How has technology changed the film industry?

  4. Film distribution and delivery outlets in New Zealand: a transnational phase and some implications for local films and diversity By Argelia Muñoz Larroa Film Distribution in New Zealand: Industrial Organization, Power Relations, and Market Failure

  5. Beginning in the 1970s, after the decline of the studio system, the production costs for films increased dramatically, forcing the studios to invest more of their budgets in marketing efforts that could generate presales —that is, sales of distribution rights for a film in different sectors before the movie’s release (Hansen & Garcia-Meyers).

    • An increasing number of movies are being based on real-life events. Under 7% of movies in US cinemas in 1996 were based on real-life events. Twenty years later, that figure stood at 27%.
    • Faith-based movies have become hugely profitable, despite lacking mainstream appeal. Some of the most profitable films of the past decade have been movies made by and for American Christians.
    • Documentaries are making up a higher percentage of movie releases. At the start of the new century, just four documentaries were released in UK cinemas.
    • Hollywood is making fewer remakes and reboots (but more prequels, sequels and spin-offs) Readers may be surprised to hear that remakes and reboots are accounting for fewer of the top grossing films than they used to.
  6. Introduction. In this essay I shall examine the theory of economics within the film industry and how it contributes to the production and distribution of mainstream Hollywood films. For the purposes of this essay I shall be researching and commenting solely upon Hollywood productions. My research will include an examination of different ...

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