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  1. 4 days ago · An independent film, independent movie, indie film, or indie movie is a feature film or short film that is produced outside the major film studio system, in addition to being produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies (or, in some cases, distributed by major companies). Independent films are sometimes distinguishable by ...

  2. 2 days ago · The film industry or motion picture industry comprises the technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking, i.e., film production companies, film studios, cinematography, animation, film production, screenwriting, pre-production, post-production, film festivals, distribution, and actors.

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  4. 2 days ago · The New Hollywood, also known as American New Wave or Hollywood Renaissance, was a movement in American film history from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, when a new generation of filmmakers came to prominence. They influenced the types of film produced, their production and marketing, and the way major studios approached filmmaking. [4]

    • United States
    • Mid-1960s to early 1980s
  5. 4 days ago · The history of film chronicles the development of a visual art form created using film technologies that began in the late 19th century. The advent of film as an artistic medium is not clearly defined.

  6. Sep 15, 2023 · Films aimed at niche audiences made by independent film companies for commercial purposes, often in cooperation with the major film producers. In its most common use, the term independent film, or ‘indie’ film in the US, broadly corresponds with art cinema in a European context. In 1950s New York, repertory cinemas showing European art ...

  7. Mar 26, 2022 · Artisan Entertainment / Summit. The term independent film, or ‘indie’ movie, tends to get thrown around a lot without any explanation. Indie movies get this label with seemingly no reason why ...

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