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  1. Sebuah film independen atau film indie adalah film atau film pendek yang dibuat sebagian besar di luar studio film besar, dan juga diproduksi dan didistribusikan oleh studio film independen, walaupun terkadang studio tersebut merupakan anak perusahaan dari studio besar. [1]

  2. Under the Reformasi movement of the post-Suharto era, independent filmmaking lead to a rebirth of the film industry in Indonesia, where films started addressing topics which were previously banned such as religion, race, love and other topics. [39] In 2002, the number of domestic films made increased from six in 2001 to ten.

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    It’s hard to overstate just how much Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has disrupted the entertainment industry over the past decade, but it’s hasn’t been Netflix alone driving the industry’s all consuming need for a steady stream of fresh content. Following in the footsteps of Netflix has been other giants like Amazon Prime Video (NASDAQ:AMZN), Hulu, and Disn...

    Securing the funds needed to make an independent film or television project happen has never been an easy task, but developments in the increasingly connected and global film industry are creating new avenues for funding projects. Increasingly, independent filmmakers are looking to the international investor market. There’s a significant investor p...

    The media market is increasingly international and increasingly content hungry. New media services are popping up seemingly daily and each of these services needs content that viewers won’t find everywhere else. This along with ever growing international marketplaces and a strong pool of people looking to invest in media production makes this an ex...

  4. Aug 15, 2019 · The Indonesian film industry has been showing positive signs of rapid growth. In the last four years, the industry developed significantly with a 28 percent increase. Indonesia has one of the largest film markets in the world. Young talents are continuously creating new movies for the global market.

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    Edison Trust

    In 1908, the Motion Picture Patents Company or "Edison Trust" was formed as a trust. The Trust was a cartel that held a monopoly on film production and distribution comprising all the major film companies of the time (Edison, Biograph, Vitagraph, Essanay, Selig, Lubin, Kalem, American Star, American Pathé), the leading distributor (George Kleine) and the biggest supplier of raw film, Eastman Kodak. A number of filmmakers declined or were refused membership to the trust and came to be describe...

    Studio system

    In early 1910, director D.W. Griffith was sent by the Biograph Company to the west coast with his acting troupe, consisting of performers Blanche Sweet, Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, and others. They began filming on a vacant lot near Georgia Street in downtown Los Angeles. While there, the company decided to explore new territories, traveling several miles north to Hollywood, a little village that was friendly and positive about the movie company filming there. Griffith then...

    Lincoln Motion Picture Company, United Artists and resistance to the studio system

    The studio system quickly became so powerful that some filmmakers once again sought independence. On May 24, 1916, the Lincoln Motion Picture Company was formed, the first movie studio owned and controlled by independent filmmakers. In 1919, four of the leading figures in American silent cinema (Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and D. W. Griffith) formed United Artists. Each held a 20% stake, with the remaining 20% held by lawyer William Gibbs McAdoo. The idea for the ventur...

    The independent film industry exists globally. Many of the most prestigious film festivals are hosted in various cities around the world. The Berlin International Film Festival attracts over 130 countries, making it the largest film festival in the world. Other large events include the Toronto International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Fi...

    As with other media, the availability of new technologies has fueled the democratization of filmmaking and the growth of independent film. In the late forties and fifties, new inexpensive portable cameras made it easier for independent filmmakers to produce content without studio backing. The emergence of camcorders in the eighties broadened the po...


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  5. Mar 2, 2022 · The Independent film industry, often known as art-house cinema, is a genre of filmmaking that is not controlled nor funded by the major motion picture studios in Hollywood. This type of film production usually has lower budgets, and the films are often made outside of the traditional studio system.

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