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  2. Jul 29, 2014 · A distinguished player herself, Producer and President of Gamechanger Films Mynette Louie has not only compiled and shared a list of over 100 independent producers that have track records of getting behind successful indie films, but also offers some excellent advice for those in need of guidance as they search for the right person to back their …

    • What Is Independent Film?
    • Why Do We Need Independent Film Production Companies and What Do They do?
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    An independent film is a film that is recorded and produced outside of a major production studio. These films are considered independent because a big-time studio did not have any parts in making them. Independent entertainment companies receive the credit for these movies, whether short or long, and they are typically different than what the high-...

    Independent filmmakers need to know about independent film production companies because they will become an important part of their career. These are the types of companies that individuals will likely have the chance to work with when starting off or while in the midst of producing a film. An independent film company is a company that assists inde...

    Below, I will provide a short list of independent film production companies along with their descriptions based on their history, qualifications, and produced films.

    As you can see, there are several companies in the independent film industry that you can consider when producing an independent film or movie. I hope that my list of independent film production companies helps you in finding the perfect one that works for you and your future movie production needs. These companies are just as important as major st...

  3. Since 2008, our independent film production company, 8180 Films, has produced four independent feature films, including a post WWII drama, (Christina), a comedy documentary, (The Coexist Comedy Tour), a neo-noir suspense thriller, (The Girl on the Train), and a performance documentary (Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang).

  4. Jun 16, 2015 · Annapurna Pictures Megan Ellison is in a unique position in the world of independent film production: money is no object to her. The daughter of a billionaire, Ellison has been able to approach film financing with an indie heart but with none of the constraint, and it’s a killer combination that she’s leveraging to its fullest extent.

  5. Producer | Fat Girls Ash Christian was an Emmy Award-winning producer, director, and actor, with more than 15 feature films and television series to his credit. Most recently, he produced the SXSW hit film 1985 (2018), which was released. Ash recently produced the thriller Burn (2019), released by eOne in 2019. He also ... 8. Eron Sheean

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